Is llHTTPRequest reliable?

ordinal.malaprop at ordinal.malaprop at
Sat Jul 7 08:20:03 PDT 2007

Hard to say exactly, but I've found it to be fairly reliable sending  
requests in the past. Problems have usually turned out to be with my  
server. I'd try pinging another server at the same rate and seeing  
whether you get a response.

On 7 Jul 2007, at 16:14, Lee Ludd wrote:

> I'm sending messages from SL to a php page on my website. About 10%  
> don't get through. They are not being all sent in a tight bunch, so  
> I don't think they're being throttled.
> Is the Linden server good at sending llHTTPRequest()'s? Or should I  
> suspect my own server is failing to pick them up?
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