Creating an avatar brain

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Interesting ideas!

We just set-up a sim area where we have some simple AIs running some 
attack bots. They are goal seeking. You might find it interesting to review.

Before setting up  Rezzable, I was running a multi-agent system 
development company called Magenta-Technology with our development team 
based in Russia. I am sure there are ways to bring agents into SL 

Let me know if you want a tour of the Toxic Garden. My avatar is 
RightAsRain Rimbaud.

Regards, Jon

peter at wrote:
> For several years I have been interested in applying the principles of
> biological systems to computer applications. I wrote the computer
> programming books: "Lingo Sorcery - The magic of lists, objects and
> intelligent agents" and "Magical A-Life Avatars". These books were
> exampled in Macromedia's "Director" programming language "Lingo". The main
> theme was applying biological thinking to computer programming techniques.
> My specialty is the phenomenon of  "Stigmergy" - the mechanism that
> enables systems to evolve to become increasingly more complex and
> organized (The Web and Second Life are prime examples of stigmergy in
> action).
> Of particular interest to me is the concept of creating a decision making
> avatar "brain" using pseudo emotions. The Second Life environment seemed
> an ideal environment to try these ideas out. However, the stumbling block
> is the limitations in accessing an avatar's directory by means of an
> object.
> As far as I'm aware (and I'm completely new to LSL), access to information
> in an avatars directory is inaccessible even to the avatars own objects.
> What I'd really like to do is pass information on a notecard to an avatar
> and then for an object belonging to the avatar to be able to read and act
> on the information. As far as I'm aware, the only way for an object to
> read a notecard is to have the notecard inserted manually into the
> object's content.
> I can get results by creating an external avatar "brain" on the Web but
> this seems particularly slow and cumbersome. Has anyone any ideas as to
> how objects can install information into an avatar directory ("memory")
> that is accessible by the avatar's object?
> I read somewhere that this was a function to be included in future
> versions of Second Life: anybody got information on this?
> Peter Small
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