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That's a good piece of advice. I had considered before to create an
alt for testing purposes, but I haven't yet. The person who discovered
the problem does have an alt, and when I gave him a copy of the script
(and the full-perm single-prim object it runs in), the inventory drop
thing worked for him with his usual avatar, but not with his alternate

Actually he admitted that, at first, he forgot to use the ctrl key.
Anyway, since it works with his primary av now, I assume he is trying
it correctly with his alt as well. Besides, when I try it on his copy
of the object, then it doesn't work for me either. Padlock.

Maybe LSL gets quirky with big scripts. I don't see really how it
could affect llAllowInventoryDrop, it wouldn't make much sense. But
that has never stopped a bug from occuring in LSL before. The script
actually has another weird problem, it reports an error that it can't
find the texture it's supposed to use (llSetTexture), but still it
shows the correct texture. Having it in object inventory (and
referencing it by name) or in my own inventory (and referencing it by
key), or using a different texture, makes no difference. It works in
all cases, the correct texture is showing, but the error stays. This
started somewhere during development, i.e. as the script got bigger.
Don't know if that has anything to do with it...

The first thing the script does in the default state_entry, is call
llGetFreeMemory. It reports 2494 bytes. There is relatively little
static data in the script, mostly strings (I use global string
variables to avoid duplicate strings in the code, specifically to keep
the script size down). So most of the used memory is code. During
operation, depending on the data size of a couple of configuration
items in the notecards, it always reports at least between 1000 and
1200 bytes free memory, and it does not crash (no stack-heap
collisions). So it doesn't need a lot of extra memory at run-time.
It's just a relatively big script. It would not be trivial to split it
into multiple smaller scripts, though.

On 02/07/07, Frans <mrfrans at gmail.com> wrote:
> >"The problem didn't surface until some weeks ago when I tested it with
> >someone else (before then, it worked for me, and it still does,
> >presumably because I created and own the object and therefore have
> >modify permissions)."
> For that reason i always test everything with alt, that is meant to be
> operated by some else then me. Don't know if you have, but i would recommend
> it. There might be something wrong with how they are trying it and not with
> the script.
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