Animation priorities?

Kelly Linden kelly at
Mon Aug 27 16:23:37 PDT 2007

Craig Berry wrote:
> I've noticed that if you have a base animation override package
> attached, so that your walk, stand, sit, etc. are customized, it's
> unpredictable whether an animation run by some other attachment will
> work or not.  Usually it's clear which one should have a higher
> priority than the other, but there doesn't seem to be a way to set
> this.  Am I missing something?
Animations when uploaded can have a priority set.  Unfortunately the
built in animations also have priorities so it may take some high
priorities to override the defaults for AOs, and it may just be simpler
to give them really high priorities.  I haven't actually dealt with this
in detail so someone else may know more specifics.  There is currently
no way to set by script the priority of an animation.

 - Kelly

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