[RegAPIList] same code, different CAPS = sometimes new AV sent to right spot, sometimes not.

E! elio at magetech.com
Mon Sep 15 19:20:59 PDT 2008

I have two clients. One is using my code and their CAPS. The other uses my


Client using own CAPS results in new AVs going to correct co-ordinate.


Client using my CAPS results in AV going to co-ordinates a few feet away,
far enough to confuse a n00b.


Tried setting the teleport hub and related info, no change in behavior. I do
not own the sim but am an estate manager. Oddly while I can see the telehub
in manage telehub panel, it never shows up on the map.  Turning direct
teleport off/on does not change behavior.


I have checked the config file. All co-cords are valid and below 128.


Truly mystified as to why it works just fine on one and not the other.


Any input is appreciated.





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