[RegAPIList] Lindens Please respond to inquires regarding regAPI 2.0

Rob Storrs storrs at lindenlab.com
Wed May 14 15:32:35 PDT 2008

Development on the new Registration API has not halted; in fact we  
have placed significant pressure on ourselves to deliver, and work has  
been continuing at a rapid pace.

We have had to pay quite a bit of development attention towards  
debugging and fixing the recent issues raised on this very list  
surrounding the existing Reg API.  However, we've tried very hard not  
to let this affect development on the new Reg API; and the new RegAPI  
development resources have not been substantially distracted.

The lack of visibility into what we are actually DOING for the new Reg  
API is what we've been trying to solve.  In a nutshell, we don't want  
to repeat any old mistakes, and we must plan for future capacity.   
Historically, we've had to scale orders of magnitude in fairly short  
timeframes.  Our underlying infrastructure also needs to scale, and  
consequently we have a lot of new development going on that the new  
Reg API relies on.

Indeed, the new Reg API is a bit of an iceberg of a project; the  
visible API is fairly simple, but because we have had to build a  
reliable, robust, scalable underlying web service structure first  
(which we continue to iterate on), the Reg API has suffered  
unavoidable delays.  The infrastructure does not include just the  
asset servers, but also data abstraction layers around our central  
databases that allow us to grow at current rates without melting the  
database servers, as well as accomodating for the future, rather  
radical infrastructure designs inherent in the Open Grid Platform world.

This is not an attempt at excuse but rather transparency.  Every one  
of us is very eagerly working toward the day when registering an SL  
account is easy and ubiquitious as befits a true platform.

Thank you.
~Rob Storrs

Program Manager
Linden Lab
storrs at lindenlab.com

On May 13, 2008, at 1:13 PM, Bryan Bateman wrote:

> Perhaps a better questions is not when the release will be but why  
> the development has halted.  I will hazard a guess.
> The new API has hooks into the Assett Server.  All they need at this  
> time is one more system hitting them and adding to the complexity of  
> troubleshooting the problems that currently, not to mention the code  
> changes they must be making.
> I know we are all chomping at the bit for this new release and the  
> functionality it brings, but it of little use if the grid itself is  
> unstable.  Give them a chance to fix things in the order of most  
> critical.
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