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I am not connected with Linden Labs. My comments are strictly supposition on
my part - not a comment by LL. After hearing Ian's presentation it was clear
that there are a whole mess of issues being faced by LL, many that impact
the RegAPI - but that is strictly my personal observation. 


We all want the new API ASAP, but from what I heard, I would not be
surprised that it will take a while more .. and it was clear that the people
at LL do share our sense of urgency.






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Can someone from Linden Lab explain the following contradiction?:

"So, there is a lot of work that needs to be done around RegAPI2.0 before it
can be released "
- David Graham, today

"We currently have the new RegAPI in limited internal production now and are
analyzing it for performance characteristics. We're planning to provide a
better update by the end of next week - provided things go well and we've
made good progress toward making it publicly accessible. "
- Sue Singer, March 14

"We remain focused on delivering the new implementation of the RegAPI as
soon as possible"
- Rob Storrs, April 24

Are we going back in time here? Why are reports about the RegAPI's next
upgrade seemingly so varied?
And why do we constantly have a different person reporting about it?
Does Linden Lab have a single internal champion / supervisor for the
Have people been moved on and off the project? If so, has there been a lapse
of continuity of work?

What's going on Linden Lab? This has been nearly a year now that regAPI 2.0
has been "just around the corner" and it remains
one of the singly most important improvements Linden Lab can make for its
3rd party developers.


Ron Blechner
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On Tue, May 6, 2008 at 10:47 PM, Garth FairChang <garth at fairchang.com>

It certainly is after hearing months ago that the answer to our problems and
prays was around the corner and being tested.

Communication has never been LL's strong area.

Laurent Laborde wrote:

I guess you're right.
But it is EXTREMLY annoying to wait without any kind of news.



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