[RegAPIList] Linden can't be trusted with your credit card information

Evan Maloney evan.reuters at me.com
Mon Dec 1 11:15:46 PST 2008


About a year ago, you helped me when I was erroneously billed $500 for  
the "Reuters" surname. (For a further explanation, see below, where I  
pasted the e-mail I sent to the RegAPI list last time this happened.)

Well, I have unfortunately been billed again this year for the  
"Reuters" surname, despite assurances from Linden last year that you  
have expunged my credit card information from your database.  
Obviously, Linden still has my credit card and has not fixed the  
billing problem.

I don't know why this keeps happening, but last year it took many  
weeks to get sorted out and required me to spend countless hours on  
the phone with my credit card company. I'd like to avoid a similar  
hassle this year, and am hoping Linden can get this resolved once and  
for all.

I would also appreciate it if you could handle this matter quickly, as  
your billing error is causing problems for my personal finances.

If it helps, please cancel the "Reuters" surname. It's not worth the  


> I do not have a paid Second Life account. However, a while back, in  
> order to access the Second Life forums, I had to create a verified  
> account by giving Linden Lab my credit card information.
> Supposedly, that was only to be used for verifying my identity.  
> However, it seems that Linden Lab may randomly bill you if they have  
> your credit card.
> What does this have to do with the RegAPI?
> Well, I am a developer at Reuters, and we use the RegAPI for--among  
> other things--registering users who have the Reuters surname.
> We bought the Reuters surname last year, and it recently came up for  
> renewal. But rather than issue a bill to Reuters (or charge whoever  
> paid for it last year), Linden apparently decided to select a random  
> Reuters employee to bill. Unfortunately, that employee was me.
> That was at the end of November. I have now spent several days  
> trying to get the charges reversed to no avail. (And, no, I can't  
> expense it at Reuters since I didn't have authorization to make the  
> purchase in the first place.) Everyone at Linden's billing support  
> line tells me to file a support ticket. Of course, the support  
> website will not allow you to file a billing issue unless you have a  
> paid account, which I don't. So now I'm dealing with this no-mans- 
> land of people on the phone who can't tell me anything (other than  
> to go to the site) and a website that won't accept tickets for my  
> problem.
> I finally decided to file a general ticket, and now it is "pending",  
> but nobody on the phone can even tell me if it will be resolved this  
> MONTH. Needless to say, I am disputing the charge with my credit  
> card issuer, but that process will take several months to complete.  
> Hopefully someone at Linden can take the initiative to clear this  
> up, because everyone on the billing issues support line has been  
> completely unhelpful (or maybe I should just select a random Linden  
> employee and send a $500 bill to them).
> I'm sure it will be resolved eventually, but let my tale serve as a  
> warning: if you use the RegAPI and want to avoid a similar headache  
> of your own, you may want to be sure that Linden Lab does not have  
> your credit card information associated with your RegAPI-enabled  
> account. Otherwise, they just may decide to bill you randomly like  
> they did with me.

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