[opensource-dev] Tutorial needed on TPV viewer-side AOs

Andromeda Quonset andromedaquonset at gmail.com
Sat Apr 14 20:20:45 PDT 2012

If we had viewer-side AO's, I am wondering about a couple of things, 
and maybe I just don't get it:

1.  Would the only person that sees "us" animating just be 
ourselves?  Or would other people in-world be able to see the 
identical animation?  If so, does that mean the animation is stored 
locally with the client, on the client computer, and is a constant 
upload stream to the grid while it is playing?  That doesn't sound 
like an improvement to me.  More like a bandwidth-hog.

2..  If the animation is not stored on the client system with the 
viewer, then what could the point possibly be of even having it?

3.  Could somebody please deprecate all this mesh stuff from the grid?


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