[opensource-dev] ok wtf is this?

Dave Booth dave at meadowlakearts.com
Mon Sep 5 20:51:22 PDT 2011

On 9/5/2011 10:13 PM, Erin Mallory wrote:
> maybe their machines have more memory? maybe they didnt have the proper
> test? I dunno but i see it too...

Even if the size of the memory pool allocated was impacted by the total 
available RAM on the machine, which I'm not sure it is, I can see them 
having more memory on their test machines than I do on my laptop, which 
has only 6G but I've twice that on my gaming rig and I saw the issue on 
both. Too soon to be absolutely certain yet, but so far I've been 
inworld for hours on my laptop tonight with the private memory pool 
switched off in the debug settings and havent had a problem, so at least 
there are indications of a workaround. I'm thinking Bao still has a 
little debugging to do. Once I get a chance to run a test or three on 
the gaming rig I'll file the JIRA with my results.

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