[opensource-dev] Search project viewer

Henri Beauchamp sldev at free.fr
Tue May 31 11:17:24 PDT 2011

On Sun, 29 May 2011 20:58:02 -0400, Jonathan Welch wrote:

> In case you have not caught the message yet a project viewer with the
> new search recently came out:
> http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Search_Project_Viewer_FAQ
> There is mention of V1 All and Group search being turned off once it
> goes to full release.

Which is EXTREMELY unfortunate and, once again, a HUGE mistake from LL...

Instead of being committed to *improve* user experience, LL seems
committed to *ruin* it...
The old search was WAY more efficient at the job of displaying results
and browsing through them, allowing to keep a compact search floater
that preserved screen estate for the 3D world. It also allowed to
sort the results by name, or by number of members (for the group
search), both *instantly* and with a single click of the mouse (and
without having to relaunch a query: less load for the servers !).
It also gave a larger version of the associated texture for the
"All" search, and a clear, synthetic layout of the group charter,
members, fees, etc for the "Groups" search...

Add to the above arguments the fact that LOADS of SL residents are
still using the v1.23 and Snowglobe v1.4/1.5 viewers and would
rather give up on SL than letting LL ram viewer 2 down their throat,
and you get the picture...

The REALLY sad thing, it that it would not even take half a work
day for a decent coder to write the server side glue code that would
allow to keep the backward compatibility (using the same query method
as the one used for the old search, but instead querying the new
search database).

Mind you, software companies such as MicroSoft *did* understood,
*unlike LL*, that backward compatibility is a *MUST*: what do you
think would have happened if the Windows 95 users would suddenly
be forced to trash all their software and relearn to use an UI
rewritten from scratch ?... Fact is that today, even in Windows 7,
you can still run Windows 95 programs and revert the UI and skin
to what it was in Windows 95 !
I'd LOVE to see LL learn that lesson from MicroSoft... FAST !
Because if they don't, they will see more and more old-timers
(those residents who actually BUILT SL !) leave for greener
It would be about time that LL paid more attention to their
*serious*, *committed*, *building*, *paying* user base and stop
imposing things on them they obviously *massively* reject !


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