[opensource-dev] about VWR-10710

Altair Sythos Memo sythos at gmail.com
Mon May 23 11:22:00 PDT 2011

i've spent last weekend testing and investigating about the jira in
subject (i think is a bug more annoying than a lot other why corrupt a
lot of creations). I've seen mistexturized textures on sculpt and
profile pics, and increasing monitor resolution and playing with
screenshot i've noticed the textures aren't "really" broken, are just
the wrong resolution. (btw:
https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-10710 )

As uploaded here: https://picasaweb.google.com/sythos/RainbowTextures
i've seen profile pics became more or less 25% or widht/height, spare
place are filled with fuzzy/random pixels. 
Same happen on sculpt textures, the "broken" textures is rescaled on
upper left corner of object (i mean mapping direction).

opening texture console (hoping no UI bug) i've noticed too a random
miscaled progressive bar: every time a progressive bar go over 100%
(supposing right limit is 100%) the texture appear broken, this happen
both for profile pics and both for sculpts.

I've noticed this happen on both profile pics uplodaed via web profiles
both old ones from inventory, without any relations with image format.
On sculpts same, misresizing happen both png, jpg or tga...

Sincerely cannot repro on planar or other kind of obj but sculpt.

i've snorked into the code, looking for a typo, bug or something
suspicious into images lenght routines, without any success :-\

Somebody can hint where check to understand what/where the bug born?

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