[opensource-dev] Review Request: Update libndofdev in the linux viewer. This fixes the spacenavigator in linux.

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Fri Jun 17 10:45:10 PDT 2011

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Review request for Viewer.


I have updated the libndofdev library used by the viewer for spacenavigator support in Linux to version 0.3. The other two platforms should be unaffected. This patch is to fix the problem where the spacenavigator light turns on and the buttons work when you start second life, but the joystick itself does nothing.

This addresses bugs OPEN-21, STORM-1320 and STORM-312.


  autobuild.xml dc5af272d23f 

Diff: http://codereview.secondlife.com/r/342/diff


I have done local builds and the spacenavigator works for me with the new library. Autobuild install works correctly when fetching the new package.  If you want to test, try this on a machine with a kernel of at least 2.6.33.  Another way to tell that your machine should be fixed by this change is to run dmesg | grep Logitech and look for "fixing up rel/abs in Logitech report descriptor" in the output.



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