[opensource-dev] Review Request: STORM-1436 [JP]"Contents" and "New Script" folder text are missing in "Content" tab for "Build" floater

Vadim ProductEngine vsavchuk at productengine.com
Thu Jul 28 19:29:27 PDT 2011

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Review request for Viewer and Richard Nelson.


Fixed broken localization of "Contents" and "New Script" items in the Contents tab of Build Tools.
The bug happened when the translations contained non-ASCII characters.

Reason: Names of inventory items are limited to ASCII characters.
Fix: Leave names in English, localize them when displaying (on the fly).

The fix only affects object's inventory (i.e. not agent inventory).

This addresses bug STORM-1436.


  indra/newview/llpanelcontents.cpp 2f9a87538ca1 
  indra/newview/llpanelobjectinventory.cpp 2f9a87538ca1 
  indra/newview/llviewerobject.cpp 2f9a87538ca1 

Diff: http://codereview.secondlife.com/r/420/diff


Tested Japanese and Polish translations. The "Contents", "New Script", ""New Script 1", "New Script 2", etc names were correctly localized.



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