[opensource-dev] [META] User stories and issue tracker readability

Boroondas Gupte sllists at boroon.dasgupta.ch
Sat Oct 23 09:00:50 PDT 2010

 As a user of the Second Life issue tracker (jira) who often sorts or
searches through others' issues, I'd like people creating or editing
issues to place the (sometimes lengthy) user stories into the
*Description* field, /not/ the *Summary* field. /The summary should be
as short as possible/ while still conveying what the issue is about. The
role for whom the issue matters (i.e. "As a ..., I ...") and the
specifics of the motivation / reason for the issue are important when
examining a single issue, but aren't too helpful when looking for
duplicates of other issues or when searching for already existing issues
of a wish or problem you have.

Even worse, because the space for displaying the summary is very limited
in some of the greenhopper views, you often only see the "As a ..." part
while the rest gets cut off, so you can't tell at one glance what an
issue being discussed is about at all.

Think of an issue as a little book. The story you want to tell belongs
to the inside (the description). On the cover (summary), you want the
story's title (catchy and ideally different from the title of other
books), not the first chapter.

What do you think?

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