[opensource-dev] Reflections in SL. Re: Project-MESH viewer

Geenz Spad geenz at geenzo.com
Sun Oct 17 08:26:37 PDT 2010

I could see the new "Shiny" (in reality, they should be called specular 
highlights) breaking content that relied on the darkening properties of 
the classic Shiny shader.  Which is why I've modified the deferred shiny 
shader to "darken" the object's diffuse shading depending on the shiny 
value, without resorting to silly environment maps to make things "Shiny".

Argent Stonecutter wrote:
> On 2010-10-16, at 22:09, Tateru Nino wrote:
>> A year or two ago, I was treated to a demonstration of working mirrors
>> in SL. It was an override of Shiny, and I had to install a custom shader
>> file to my SL viewer installation directory. As far as I know, the
>> project died because - in order to work - it needs a bit or a texture
>> property flag from Linden lab on the server-side, otherwise it is
>> "surprising or unexpected" functionality that potentially breaks
>> content, and thus is a no-no under the TPVP.
> The original mirror project back in SL 1.13 was an override of shiny too.
> It was optional.
> So long as it's optional I don't see why it would violate the TPVP.
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