[opensource-dev] Corrupted OpenGL & Hard Crash

Ricky kf6kjg at gmail.com
Fri Oct 15 08:10:26 PDT 2010

I apologize!  I forgot that a great many people don't have the luxury
of high speed internet.  Which is why I'm responding to the list:
hopefully others who might makes the same mistake either here or
elsewhere can learn from my mistake...

Cron Stardust

PS: As an (lame) excuse: I daily have to work with emails, FTP, etc.
that are sending files in the 5 to 25 MB range...  Which is why my
mind skipped on looking at the filesizes; they uploaded fast.

On Fri, Oct 15, 2010 at 12:32 AM, Opensource Obscure
<opensource at inventati.org> wrote:
> Hi Ricky - watch out! You sent 4.5 MB of attachments!
> ;0
> I suggest using JPG for this kind of image files - the SL viewer
> itself can save in this format, and you can even adjust the
> quality - using something as low as 60 will still produce
> decent-quality files, at a smaller size.
> bye
> Opensource Obscure
> On Mon, 11 Oct 2010 21:58:12 -0700, Ricky <kf6kjg at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Server: Various beta grid sims
>> Client:
>> OS: Mac OS 10.6.4 with a 64bit kernel, on a newer Mac Mini
>> Less than an hour ago I was on my first exploration of the beta grid
>> (getting used to the place in prep for mesh!) and was flying around
>> the regions connected to the first login location I found myself at.
>> I explored for a couple of hours, running across normal laggy spots,
>> region crossings, heavily scripted areas, etc., when suddenly my
>> screen showed blocky interference across it.  This covered the UI, so
>> I snapped a screenshot just in case, and when I minimized SL I saw
>> that my desktop was showing the same corruption so I took another
>> shot.  I figured that somehow SL had corrupted OpenGL, if that's even
>> possible, I don't know, so I brought back up SL to close it...  And
>> then my system hardlocked.  I couldn't even get access to force quit,
>> even using the keyboard shortcuts.  I eventually forced the system off
>> by pressing and holding the power button.
>> During the lockup I would occasionally be able to see and control my
>> mouse cursor, but not all the time.  Most of the rest of the screen
>> never redrew, not even the menu bar.  I have Activity Monitor docked
>> up there so that I can keep an eye on CPU.  CPU had been a constant
>> low mid, and showed lower than the the screen shots when the system
>> locked.
>> I have the log from this session, if it would be helpful.  However,
>> the client never got to send a crash report, as far as I can tell.
>> After the reboot, I tried running the same version of the SL client
>> again, but it froze before it displayed again, so I force-quit it.
>> The next run ran perfectly.  So I quit it and made a copy of the
>> SecondLife.old log so that I could keep it with the the images.
>> Has anyone else run across anything remotely similar?  I've done a
>> cursory search of the JIRA, but nothing seemed to match for me.
>> Ricky
>> Cron Stardust

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