[opensource-dev] Vertex Edit Capability

Daniel danielravennest at gmail.com
Tue Oct 5 08:25:36 PDT 2010

  I submitted JIRA issue VWR-23202 to provide the simplest in-world 
editing capability, that of moving vertexes on a mesh.

The reasons why include making a clothing item fit better, a large mesh 
object fit within a land parcel, or fit the other objects in a linkset. 
As someone learning to build it would also be more fun and interesting 
to edit shapes.  Even for an advanced builder, while we can load the 
parts of a complex build into our 3D program and get them to fit each 
other, we cannot load all possible avatar shapes, or the surrounding 
land for large items, and see how the mesh will fit the surroundings 
until it is there.

I am not proposing a full blown mesh editor, that is best left to 
specialized software.  What I want to see is a way to adjust items so 
they are more useful once imported/transferred to others, and a learning 
path for new people.  Once they have a taste of modifying a simple 
library mesh, if they want to do more advanced work they can get some 
outside software.  This is similar in my mind to what we do with 
textures.  We can adjust the color tint, tiling ratio, etc on a texture 
(simple mods), but if we want to make a whole new texture you get GIMP 
or Photoshop.

For the UI, I suggest using the same XYZ movement gizmo we use now for 
whole prims, the same numerical input boxes, and the same selection 
highlight.  Just add a radio button to "Edit vertex" like the "Edit 
linked parts" on that's already there.

To simplify asset database and server overhead, it may make sense to do 
the editing local in the client until you leave edit mode.  But I will 
leave technical implementation to those who know more about that side of 


> Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2010 21:47:48 -0700
> From: Stickman<stickman at gmail.com>
> Having said that, very simple editors that are not designed to have
> fancy features but be as basic as possible would allow people to
> create things without going to an outside source. But it must be clear
> and planned that they will never evolve beyond a basic level.
> Stickman
> ------------------------------
> From: "Science Fiction Computer - SCi-Fi PC"<partners at scifipc.com>
> Subject: Re: [opensource-dev] Unity 3D as possible base / 2.x	Codebase
> 	plugin capable?
> If mesh becomes a standard in SL, a basic mesh editor ought to be included
> by default.
> ...
> SL Viewer Mesh Editor doesn't need to be Maya, it just needs to be 'there'
> and 'basic' to encourage new content creators to create and feel that they
> begin to learn and participate without significant barriers.
> We must try and avoid any situation where a New User in SL feels
> disadvantaged or unable to create before they start.
> Regards,
> DMC Zsigmond-Jurassic
> Science Fiction.

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