[opensource-dev] Unity 3D as possible base for future (maybe even official) SL Viewers

mysticaldemina at xrgrid.com mysticaldemina at xrgrid.com
Sun Oct 3 19:36:03 PDT 2010

Obviously these are subjective statements but I think your statements are
based on an incomplete understanding of the tool and probably limited
experience using it.  


Not sure how you can say it is clunky.  I have a scene hierarchy where I can
list and see every object in my seen. It's like seeing every prim in my
region.  I can select any object and view it in the inspector.


Scripts are assigned to objects and not copied and duplicated into each
prim.  I can edit a script once and every object that uses it gets that


In the inspector I can see every public value of the script and change its
value without having to actually edit the script.


I can use assets directly from my disk without having to upload them when
creating.  That is much faster than waiting for SL to do things.


Scripts can access to every bone in the skeleton system and I can override
animations to adjust the bones to a given scene's needs, for instance if two
avatars are a different height and I can adjust the bones to make their
hands connect so they can really walk hand in hand.


I can create keyed animations in Unity or use animations from other
programs.  Animates can throw events which can trigger code to do things.

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