[opensource-dev] Dynamic shadows and ATI

Opensource Obscure open at autistici.org
Tue Nov 23 03:29:54 PST 2010

 On Tue, 23 Nov 2010 01:38:32 +0100, Altair "Sythos" Memo 
 <sythos at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Mon, 22 Nov 2010 22:48:21 +0100
> Laurent Bechir <laurent.bechir at madonie.org> wrote:
>> Perhaps Linden should put something like "You will have a better
>> experience with Second Life if you choose NVidia graphic card". I
>> know it's quite stupid, but from what I've read there is not a 
>> chance
>> that we get good support for ATI cards and dynamic shadows which is
>> quite disapointing.

 Right. That's what I say to people asking for generic tips about
 new hardware they're going to buy for use with SL.

 Also (if I remember correctly), that's more or less what Torley Linden
 recently wrote somewhere..maybe in the Tips'n'Tricks blog, or in a
 Wiki page: not in the official System Requirements page (I suspect
 some bureaucracy keeps that page from being more flexible & 

 Also remember that dynamic shadows still are a totally unsupported,
 unofficial feature with no actual roadmap, so I wouldn't expect any
 specific official recommendation from LL about it.

 Opensource Obscure

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