[opensource-dev] Infinite loop in viewer-development?

Oz Linden (Scott Lawrence) oz at lindenlab.com
Wed Nov 10 08:38:38 PST 2010

> A stack overflow is occurring during log on with the latest 
> viewer-development source code.

See the archive for my rant on using the word "latest".

> The code enters an infinite loop when two methods are repeatedly 
> calling each other. LLVOAvatarSelf::removeMissingBakedTextures calls 
> LLVOAvatar::updateMeshTextures, which in turn calls 
> LLVOAvatarSelf::removeMissingBakedTextures.
> Clearing cache has no effect. The infinite loop still occurs on the 
> next logon.
> Is anyone aware of the underlying cause of the infinite loop?
> Is there a workaround that would avoid this infinite loop?
> The problem may not be new. The same infinite loop occurs with source 
> code that I checked out six weeks ago.

This certainly is not happening for everyone...   if you can figure out 
what condition is triggering it for you, that would be good information 
to have.

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