[opensource-dev] New Revisions of VWRAP Internet Drafts Published

Meadhbh Hamrick ohmeadhbh at gmail.com
Mon Jul 5 15:28:32 PDT 2010

from http://blog.meadhbh.org/2010/07/new-vwrap-internet-drafts-published.html :

hey peeps! this is just a quick note to let you know that i just
pushed out several new versions of the following VWRAP Internet

VWRAP : Introduction and Goals

this is the draft that's intended to be a "gentle introduction" to our
kind of virtual world, the protocol and the documents. i believe it is
"very close" to being fully baked. based on feedback from the mailing
list and face to face meetings, i added a section on deployment
patterns (without using the terms "Second Life" or "OpenSim",) removed
the archaic concepts of agent and region domains, added a document
roadmap and added a few terms in the glossary. also, i fixed up the
references in the back so they *should* be pointing to the most recent
revisions of things.

VWRAP : Abstract Type System for the Transmission of Dynamic Structured Data

this one still needs a little bit of work and is essentially the same
as the version published last february. however, we seemed to be
hurtling towards consensus on this one.

VWRAP : Trust Model and User Authentication

i added references to the CALM draft, and removed the legacy bit about
agent id's. it's now all account ids, which is what i think we all
said we wanted. MD5 is still in the draft 'cause i wasn't completely
sure we all agreed to remove it. i need to add some more verbiage
about the "trust model," and possibly remove the MD5 references if
that's what the working group wants to do.

VWRAP : Client Application Launch Message

this is the draft that describes how we send a message from a web site
to the viewer to launch the viewer. it's intended to support web-based
auth schemes like OpenID and OAuth. i added a little more verbiage
regarding the use of a web capability as the location for an
agent_login resource and tried to make sure the references were
pointing to the right place.

so... i encourage everyone to take a look at these docs and let me
know if you see anything wrong with them.

meadhbh hamrick * it's pronounced "maeve"
@OhMeadhbh * http://meadhbh.org/ * OhMeadhbh at gmail.com

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