[opensource-dev] Very Strange occurrence...

Nicky D. sl.nicky.ml at googlemail.com
Wed Dec 29 17:33:50 PST 2010

> phenomenon's been occurring at least once a day.  Sometimes they're ??? at
> login, sometimes they show properly at first and then flip to ??? on their
> own.  Sometimes the ???'s remain throughout the session, and sometimes they
> flip back to show the correct names.  It happens regardless of whether the
> user has a Display Name set or not.

What irks me the most, is that changing from a good name(!) to ??? all
of sudden.

And whoever thought using ??? was a good idea should really take a few
what this means for logs, IMs and so on if suddenly everyone is ???

I can understand that it is a problem if the name cannot be resolved.
But why not at
least take the safe route and use the old one (if there was already
one) and try again
instead of overwriting a good cache entry with ???.

There should be a few fallback strategies like:
a) Try to keep the old cache entry.
b) Use the normal user name.
c) Maybe even use the UUID.

But just showing everyone (in the worst case) as ??? really screws
things up IMO.


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