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Brian McGroarty soft at lindenlab.com
Wed Dec 29 08:44:02 PST 2010

On Wed, Dec 29, 2010 at 7:36 AM, Ponzu <lee.ponzu at gmail.com> wrote:

> ....Last night I was using the 2.5 beta I had just built from the weekend's
> changes, and this odd thing happened...
> I logged in.  My friends list showed ???.  (Odd, the pictures load OK, but
> not the names.)  I had been logged in about 15 minutes.
> Then I got an IM from Grumpity Productengine.  So far as I know, I don't
> know Grumpity.  I assumed it was someone from this list.  The text of the
> message was something like, "Hi.  I was between Highland and La Brea on
> Franklin, so I thought of you."  This message is significant to me, but I
> don't know how any Productengines would know that.
> So, I started having a conversation with Grumpity, trying to hide my
> embarrassment about not really knowing who it was.
> After two or three minutes, I noticed that Grumpity was now ???.  After a
> bit of conversation, I finally figured out I was talking to a friend named
> Aphrodite Tagore.  After ten minutes more, the ??? changed to Aphrodite
> Tagore and all was more or less normal (snafu 8-).
> No, I do not have a repro.  No, I was not stoned beyond oblivion.
> Just reporting on the off chance that someone will find the information
> useful for debugging some display name problem or something.

That was the result of a brief load server configuration problem yesterday,
and it shouldn't repeat. The message didn't come from Grumpity, and the
response wouldn't have gone back to Grumpity either. The viewer simply
didn't know which cached name to use.

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