[opensource-dev] Review Request: STORM-737 Add "+" menu to Inventory/Recent

Aleric Inglewood aleric.inglewood at gmail.com
Fri Dec 24 17:27:14 PST 2010

I still not sure about this myself, but I believe the magic is as follows:

The diff file has the format:

diff -r b0689af42a71 indra/cmake/LLAddBuildTest.cmake
--- a/indra/cmake/LLAddBuildTest.cmake  Wed Dec 15 22:44:21 2010 +0100
+++ b/indra/cmake/LLAddBuildTest.cmake  Sun Dec 19 16:06:01 2010 +0100

etc, where the "b0689af42a71" must be the parent already in
that you based your diff on.

Took me a while to figure that out and then I thought 'screw this check' and
wrote a script that just forges that ID, using the following magic:

UPSTREAMID="$(hg log -r 'max(not outgoing())' | grep '^changeset' | sed -e

If you have a clean clone with a single patch, then that is the parent of
patch, and you can generate the diff with 'hg export'.

Now,.. if you upload a patch on top of another patch (for the same RB issue)
it asks you for an optional parent diff. You leave that empty when the new
diff replaces the old one, but if it's an incremental diff, you just put
whatever diff needs to be applied before applying this new upload.

Hope that helps,
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