[opensource-dev] STORM-797 and other ideas about Landmarks&SLURLS (was "Daily Scrum Summary - dec. 23")

Opensource Obscure opensourceobscure at gmail.com
Fri Dec 24 03:17:21 PST 2010

On Fri, Dec 24, 2010 at 11:03, Vadim Savchuk <vsavchuk at productengine.com> wrote:

> Do you mean creating a landmark in your inventory by pasting a SLURL?
> I'm not sure that's possible: AFAIR, to create a landmark we perform a
> request to the server, which creates landmark of the current location in our
> inventory. The protocol doesn't support remote locations.

sorry, I was not clear (ouch, my English!)

What you described is exactly the problem I have with landmarks.
Having to teleport somewhere to get a landmark can be a PITA.
I remember LL confirmed there are no workarounds for this
(as you said, it's a protocol limitation).

What I was thinking about was a new, different way to achieve
something we usually achieve through landmarks..
(find a place in our Inventory + teleport there + optionally
share that place reference with other users)
..a way that could avoid that very limitation you mentioned
(the need to be in a place in order to create a landmark).

In the past I often didn't use landmarks - instead I copied SLURLs
from web pages and paste them into local chat, then click over
the links, then teleport.
Thanks to some new features, this is now less useful than in
the past - but I think some 1.x viewers users still do this.

Going through local chat is clearly lame, and confusing for
people around you. That's why I said I would like to
"copy/paste" a SLURL into Inventory, create <something>
(not a landmark) and then clickit  to teleport.
I'm thinking about management of  Bookmarks in current
main web browsers, where you're allowed to edit
both name and destination of a bookmark, tag it,
assign to multiple folders (or tags).

Does this make sense to anyone here?

Opensource Obscure

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