[opensource-dev] Linux 64bit and gstreamer

Mike Chase mike.chase at alternatemetaverse.com
Fri Dec 10 09:51:54 PST 2010

Hi all, I have a new machine coming and given the amount of memory it 
has I'd really like to run it 64bit linux (probably ubuntu).  I'd really 
like to stay with the ability to run SnowStorm (and the Mesh viewer 
builds).  Can someone point me to a summary of 64bit support for Linux 
for that series of viewers?  I know in the past I was able to run a 
32bit version but with no streaming media.  Thats a non starter for me 
as I own a club in SL and its kinda nice to be able to hear what's being 
played in the club.

Thanks in advance for the help!


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