[opensource-dev] Removal of the "MultipleAttachments" debug settings ?

Suz Dollar websuz at gmail.com
Mon Aug 30 13:39:05 PDT 2010

*cough* If the point of this is to make people *want* 2.x.... a lot of 
nice tags that say 'to see me properly, use viewer 2.x... I have more 
attachments than you do' might be a good way to go. *cough*  Ok, a bit 
snarky, but seriously, if we HIDE the COOL stuff, where's the fire to 
get people over the pain of a UI transition and into using the new 
viewer and all it has to offer? I know we still have problems, but 
things like this and the alpha clothing layers should be helping entice 
people to work around those issues til fixed.

Charlene Trudeau

Marine Kelley wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am currently working at integrating the RLV code into the latest 
> 2.1.2 viewer in "viewer-development". Some users might have noticed 
> that the "MultipleAttachments" debug setting was set to FALSE by 
> default in order to stay compatible with 1.x, because 1.x users cannot 
> see attachments worn on slots 1 and beyond, only slot 0 is rendered. 
> So the feature is still rather useless because since most of the users 
> are still using 1.x, multiple attachments are to be avoided. However 
> having the option to choose whether to activate it or not was a good 
> idea. I even added a checkbox in the navbar to set it to TRUE or FALSE 
> in one click without having to open the debug settings (but that 
> version is not released).
> And now what I'm seeing in the latest version worries me. The 
> MultipleAttachments debug setting is gone ! The viewer behaves as if 
> it were always TRUE. On the paper it makes sense, since 2.x is 
> supposed to handle multiple attachments natively and the sims have 
> been updated to 1.40 (and now 1.42) almost only for this reason. 
> But... this is actually counter-productive because now someone who 
> tries 2.1 will soon discover that most of their attachments are not 
> showing to their friends. And that they require more steps to change 
> an outfit than before, because they now have to explicitely remove 
> attachments before wearing new ones.
> For a viewer that has a lot of difficulties being adopted by the user 
> base, isn't this move a little backwards ? Why not set 
> MultipleAttachments to TRUE by default and let the user choose in the 
> preferences or in the navbar as I did ?
> I for one would very much like to see the MultipleAttachments debug 
> setting come back and stay !
> Marine
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