[opensource-dev] Removal of the "MultipleAttachments" debug settings ?

Nyx Linden nyx at lindenlab.com
Thu Aug 26 13:43:47 PDT 2010

Correct, that is what most people will do, and that's why we wanted to 
keep the behavior of double click / "wear" to be consistent with how the 
functionality worked in 1.23.X, as that's what most people are used to 
those functions doing.

Since multi-wearables is a new feature, using the new functionality 
warranted using a new right click menu option.

We'd like to keep things consistent for old users and offer new 
functionality for those who would like to take advantage of it. Its a 
fairly simple implementation for the UI for controlling multiwearables, 
however, so if you have suggestions for better ways of exposing the 
functionality, please do let us know!


Trilo Byte wrote:
> My mistake, then.  When I performed the same action to wear an item as
> I had in previous builds and got the unexpected/unwanted result, and 
> saw that the debug option was gone, I thought it had broken (like 
> anti-aliasing did in the latest build).
> When this viewer gets released. it would be helpful if this change in 
> behavior was blogged and documented.  I think it makes a lot of sense,
> but double-clicking on an item or right-clicking and choosing 'wear' is 
> what I imagine most people would do.
> Trilo
> On Aug 26, 2010, at 1:24 PM, Nyx Linden wrote:
>>    "MultipleAttachments" was a debug setting we were using for testing 
>> multi-attachments internally because we didn't have sufficient UI for 
>> specifying what happened when you went to wear an item on your avatar. 
>> To be clear, the setting "MultipleAttachments" affected the "wear" 
>> option for attachments as follows:
>>    When set to false, any time you "wear" an attachment, it would 
>> replace all attachments at that point. If you're wearing three things on 
>> your head, and you "wear" something on your head, all three will be 
>> replaced with the new attachment. Result: you're wearing a single 
>> attachment on your head.
>> TRUE:
>>    When set to true, any time you "wear" an attachment, it would ignore 
>> whatever attachments were at that point and "add" the attachment onto 
>> that point. For example, if you're wearing three attachments on your 
>> head and you "wear" something new, you will end up with four things on 
>> your head.
>>    We've removed the debug setting as we've implemented this 
>> functionality directly in the user interface, making the debug setting 
>> completely unnecessary. With the latest code if you "wear" an attachment 
>> on your head, it will act as if MultipleAttachments was set to FALSE - 
>> it will replace everything else on your head.
>>    We have a new option in the UI which we've labeled "add" - which 
>> will act as if MultipleAttachments is TRUE - that is it will "add" the 
>> attachment to the attachment point, without removing the existing 
>> attachments.
>>    With both of these options being available through the UI, there is 
>> no need for the debug option anymore. If you don't want to use 
>> multi-attachments, all you need to do is make sure you use the "wear" 
>> option instead of the "add" option. If this is not working as I've 
>> described, then let us know as we have some bugs to fix :)
>> Let me know if this clarifies things.
>> -Nyx
>> Marine Kelley wrote:
>>> Hello all,
>>> I am currently working at integrating the RLV code into the latest 
>>> 2.1.2 viewer in "viewer-development". Some users might have noticed 
>>> that the "MultipleAttachments" debug setting was set to FALSE by 
>>> default in order to stay compatible with 1.x, because 1.x users cannot 
>>> see attachments worn on slots 1 and beyond, only slot 0 is rendered. 
>>> So the feature is still rather useless because since most of the users 
>>> are still using 1.x, multiple attachments are to be avoided. However 
>>> having the option to choose whether to activate it or not was a good 
>>> idea. I even added a checkbox in the navbar to set it to TRUE or FALSE 
>>> in one click without having to open the debug settings (but that 
>>> version is not released).
>>> And now what I'm seeing in the latest version worries me. The 
>>> MultipleAttachments debug setting is gone ! The viewer behaves as if 
>>> it were always TRUE. On the paper it makes sense, since 2.x is 
>>> supposed to handle multiple attachments natively and the sims have 
>>> been updated to 1.40 (and now 1.42) almost only for this reason. 
>>> But... this is actually counter-productive because now someone who 
>>> tries 2.1 will soon discover that most of their attachments are not 
>>> showing to their friends. And that they require more steps to change 
>>> an outfit than before, because they now have to explicitely remove 
>>> attachments before wearing new ones.
>>> For a viewer that has a lot of difficulties being adopted by the user 
>>> base, isn't this move a little backwards ? Why not set 
>>> MultipleAttachments to TRUE by default and let the user choose in the 
>>> preferences or in the navbar as I did ?
>>> I for one would very much like to see the MultipleAttachments debug 
>>> setting come back and stay !
>>> Marine
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