[opensource-dev] V2.X & V1.X support on the same machine

Dzonatas Sol dzonatas at gmail.com
Sun Aug 8 07:52:14 PDT 2010

We already have scientific proof that I'm not the problem. If there is a 
problem, then help us work a solution. Blaming people doesn't help... 
it's unprofessional.

This is on-topic because it directly involves the ability for Linden 
Labs to gain any income, which the affects the ability of related 
employees to earn their income, and which then affects your ability and 
other's ability to make any related income.

"Someone is on drugs" is what I'll note about this... but I'm not the judge.

Thanks for the concern.

Ambrosia wrote:
> Dzontas,
> Please do not post to this list intoxicated or on heavy medication,
> which you've seemed to be on for the last several days judging by the
> rather random and rather confusing (And quite confused sounding)
> content of your messages in several OSDEV topics.
> Thank you.

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