[SLNP] transcript of Nonprofit Commons meeting with Fearless Nation February 3, 2012

Rik Panganiban rik at techsoup.org
Tue Feb 7 16:00:46 PST 2012

Please find below the full chatlog from the last Nonprofit Commons meeting
on February 3, 2012, featuring Anya Ibor of Fearless Nation PTSD Support.
Thanks to Anya for spending time with us to talk about her important work.

Rik Panganiban
Community Manager, Nonprofit Commons
rik at techsoup.org


Nonprofit Commons Meeting
February 3, 2012, 8:30am PST
Plush Nonprofit Commons Amphitheater



8:30am Introductions

8:40am TechSoup Announcements

8:45am Mentors Corner

8:55am Fearless Nation

9:30am OpenMic/ Announcements



[08:32]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): well lets get started
[08:32]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Welcome to the Nonprofit Commons weekly
[08:32]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): I'm your community manager Rik
[08:32]  Glitteractica Cookie: The WONDERFUL Rik RIel!
[08:32]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): To my right is Gliteractica Cookie,
founder of the NPC
[08:32]  Glitteractica Cookie: Allo!
[08:32]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): We are so happy you are all here today
[08:32]  Glitteractica Cookie: indeed
[08:33]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): In a few minutes we are going to hear
from the inspiring group Fearless Nation.
[08:33]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): But first as always we start with
[08:33]  Chayenn: Monique Richert Protect Yourself 1, Inc., Baltimore MD ,
protectyourself1.org, @PY1US
[08:33]  Red (talkwithmarie): Hi Anya!! Welcome
[08:33]  HB Eternal: Harold W Becker, The Love Foundation, Florida,
http://www.thelovefoundation.com, @lovefoundation
[08:33]  DJ Earnshaw: Don Singleton, Tulsa, OK (DJ Earnshaw, Professor
Viper) HelpingTulsa and APCUG, http://snipurl.com/tk41d @donsingleton
[08:33]  Jen (jenelle.levenque): Bruce Hestley, Transgender American
Veterans Association, Akron, OH, http://www.tavausa.org
[08:33]  Zinnia Zauber: Renne Emiko Brock-Richmond, Sequim Humanities and
Arts Alliance, Sequim, Washington. http://www.sequimartsalliance.org
http://www.facebook.com/sequimartsalliance @renneemiko
[08:33]  Gentle Heron: Virtual Ability, Inc. www.virtualability.org with
BRAND NEW (!!!!) social media links to our blog, Facebook, and Twitter
accounts so that I don't need to announce them separately!
[08:33]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Please type into the text chat (if you
wish) your real life name, organization, llcation in the real world, URL,
and twitter handle.
[08:33]  bulaklak: Michael DeLong, TechSoup, www.techsoup.org,
[08:34]  Chad Mikado: Chad Gobert; National Service Inclusion Project,
UMass Boston; www.serviceandinclusion.org
[08:34]  Panny Bakerly: Jeanne Booth, Freeport Historical Society & Museum,
Freeport, NY freeporthistorymuseum.org
[08:34]  Glitteractica Cookie: Susan Tenby, Online Community Director,
TechSoup San Francisco, CA USA @suzboop @techsoup
[08:34]  Ethelred Weatherwax: Dave Dexter, Neenah Historical Society,
Wisconsin USA
[08:34]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Rik Panganiban, Nonprofit Commons /
TechSoup Global, Oakland, CA, http://nonprofitcommons.org @betterverse @npsl
[08:34]  Anya Ibor: Colleen Crary, M.A. - Fearless Nation PTSD Support -
[08:34]  alebez: Ale Bezdikian, Online Community Coordinator, TechSoup,
www.techsoup.org, @alebez
[08:34]  Anastasios Aurotharius: Ben Linson, Boston, Engineer,
Entrepreneur, Educator
[08:34]  Red (talkwithmarie): Marie C.-talkwithmarie, aka Red., Greater
Boston, GIRLS Project/Girl TV/Talk!withmarie, http://youtube.com/girltvlive,
http://youtube.com/talkwithmarie, @talkwithmarie
[08:34]  Pathfinder Lester: John Lester, Chief Learning Officer,
ReactionGrid, Montreal, http://about.me/pathfinder, @pathfinder
[08:34]  Anya Ibor: waces to Marie
[08:34]  Brena Benoir: Brenda Bryan, Preferred Family Healthcare,
Kirksville, Missouri, www.pfh.org, @brenabenoir
[08:34]  Anya Ibor: *waves
[08:34]  Zotarah Shepherd: BEACH College, Sonoma, CA
[08:34]  Hour Destiny: Morris Cox, Bureau of Driveby Hugging, Mesquite
Nevada, @morriscox
[08:34]  Dancers Yao: Kara Bennett, Elder Voices, Los Angeles, Health Care
and Human Rights www.eldervoices.net
[08:35]  Kali Idziak: Jessica Dally, Community Voice Mail, Seattle
http://www.cvm.org @cvmnational @jessicadally
[08:35]  Glitteractica Cookie: (waves at Zotrah... I'm going to sonoma for
a yoga retreat this weekend!)
[08:35]  LisaSchaefer Ruby: does anyone have any sl contacts in kabul?
[08:35]  Glitteractica Cookie: Any more introductions?
[08:36]  LisaSchaefer Ruby: Lisa Schaefer, GuruTapas, DC
[08:36]  LisaSchaefer Ruby: does anyone have any sl contacts in kabul?
[08:36]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Lisa, not sure. Try the Four Bridges
[08:36]  Zotarah Shepherd: /me waves (ooo nice!)
[08:36]  Coughran Mayo: Dick Dillon, Innovaision, LLC, St. Louis MO
@Coughran, @Innovaision
[08:36]  LisaSchaefer Ruby: ty rik
[08:37]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): There's an afghanistan museum there
[08:37]  LisaSchaefer Ruby: it was empty when I stopped by there
[08:37]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Looks like that's about everyone. This
is for our records and the transcript later.


[08:38]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Next up, we have updates from TechSoup
[08:38]  bulaklak: Howdy!
[08:38]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): AS you know, TechSoup is the sponsor of
the Nonprofit Commons, and has regular opportunities for nonprofits related
to technology
[08:39]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Go ahead Bulaklak
[08:39]  bulaklak: Thanks to any of you who came to the Online Community
Meetup the other night streamed into Second Life. It was a great talk and
please look for the recap coming soon by our blogger Susan Chavez.
[08:39]  bulaklak: As you all probably know by now, we are in the thick of
our annual Digital Storytelling Challenge
[08:39]  bulaklak: We've had one webinar and one tweet chat
[08:40]  bulaklak: Please visit here to find out more about the online
learning oppys coming up
[08:40]  bulaklak: http://bit.ly/xDB8ZH
[08:40]  bulaklak: And to stay on top of all things TSDigs, the best way is
to join our Google Group
[08:40]  bulaklak: You can do that here
[08:40]  bulaklak: http://bit.ly/lXf6fD
[08:41]  Glitteractica Cookie: tsdigs.org
[08:41]  bulaklak: And just so you don't think we are all TSDigs all the
time, please also note some other upcoming webinars
[08:41]  bulaklak: We have this events page where you can always find our
[08:41]  bulaklak: http://bit.ly/wuL4PG
[08:41]  bulaklak: There's one coming up in March about the Digital Divide
that should be pretty cool
[08:42]  bulaklak: Lastly, please do sign up for our By the Cup Newsletter
to find out lots more about everything we do
[08:42]  bulaklak: http://bit.ly/A4WcQ9
[08:42]  bulaklak: Thanks, all! And have a great weekend! Looking forward
to the talk today.
[08:42]  Second Life: CarynTopia Silvercloud is online.
[08:42]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): thanks so much bulkalak
[08:43]  Chayenn: Bulaklak u rock like usual
[08:43]  Glitteractica Cookie: yes he does!
[08:43]  bulaklak: blush


[08:43]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): ok who is here on behalf of the Mentors?
[08:43]  Zinnia Zauber: Today we have Gentle to share with us the
Restrained Love Viewer.
[08:43]  Gentle Heron: Me again.
[08:43]  Gentle Heron: The NPC Mentors have been asked to speak about the
various SL viewers. We've been doing this over the past few weeks.
[08:43]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): The Mentors are our crack team of
volunteers, here to help both newbies and oldies be more comfortable and
effective in SL
[08:43]  Zinnia Zauber: Rah Gentle!
[08:44]  Gentle Heron: I use the current Linden Lab viewer, and am happy to
help others who use it. I use it because I don't build or script or buy or
any of those other things, I just need to be able to communicate. And many
of the people I communicate with also have simple viewer needs, including
my work with newcomers.
[08:44]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): The floor is yours Gentle
[08:44]  Chad Mikado: whohoo Gentle! :)
[08:44]  Gentle Heron: Numerous other viewers exist, some of which are
authorized by Linden Lab for use inside Second Life. These are listed here:

[08:44]  Second Life: Pooky Amsterdam is online.
[08:44]  Gentle Heron: These viewers were developed from SL code, as
modified by people far smarter than myself. They all have different
[08:44]  Gentle Heron: Other viewers are not recognized by LL, for various
reasons. Some viewers have even been banned from being used in SL.
[08:45]  Gentle Heron: I’m going to chat with you today about a topic not
many people are willing to admit they know anything about, unless you
belong to the BDSM community.
[08:45]  Gentle Heron: (BDSM stands for Bondage and Discipline (BD),
Dominance and Submission (DS), Sadism and Masochism (SM), all of which are
role played in Second Life.)
[08:45]  Gentle Heron: That topic is the Restrained Love Viewer, or RLV.

 This is a Linden-recognized third party viewer, available here:

[08:45]  Gentle Heron: The Restrained Love Viewer works with a number of
“toys” that are commonly used in BDSM role playing. This play involves
two people, one of them the dominant who makes the rules for the other’s
[08:46]  Gentle Heron: The dominant of the pair can restrict the second
user from detaching worn items, receiving IMs, seeing local text chat,
teleporting, etc. The dominant sets the constraints under which the second
user must behave.
[08:46]  Gentle Heron: Virtual Ability spoke to Marine Kelly, the creator
of RLV, about modifying the viewer for a non-role play use, and got
permission to do so.
[08:46]  Gentle Heron: Virtual Ability now has a viewer that can be
installed by a caregiver or guardian of a person with lowered mental
capacity. That caregiver/guardian then sets behavior boundaries for the
person using the protected viewer.
[08:46]  Gentle Heron: Destinations can be white listed (“you can go
here”) or black listed (“you can’t go there”). This can be much
more specific than the G-sim restriction on those who register as
16/17-year olds, in that it is possible to restrict a person’s movements
to a limited number of named sims.
[08:47]  Gentle Heron: Persons with whom communication can occur are white
or black listed similarly. (“You can see chat from AA and BB. You can
receive IMs from AA, CC, and DD.”)
[08:47]  Gentle Heron: Actions can be prohibited (e.g., you may not want
the person to spend money, or to take off clothing).
[08:47]  Hour Destiny: Could also be useful for minors.
[08:47]  Gentle Heron: In other words, this modified viewer is used to
protect the user, by allowing the caregiver/guardian to set up behavior
rules in advance. One father of an adult son who is preverbal on the low
end of the autism scale credits this viewer with allowing his son to enjoy
SL events in our community with the rest of his family.
[08:48]  Zotarah Shepherd: That would be ironic
[08:48]  Gentle Heron: Please don’t ask technical questions about this
viewer. I have no idea how it works originally nor how it was modified.
[08:48]  Gentle Heron: I’m sharing this information with you to let you
know that viewers created for specific uses can be adapted to other uses
(by someone with far more technical knowledge than I possess).
[08:48]  Gentle Heron: Thank you for your (shocked!) attention.
[08:48]  Zinnia Zauber: hehe
[08:49]  Zinnia Zauber: Thank you very much Gentle!
[08:49]  Hour Destiny: An electrifying presentation.
[08:49]  Red (talkwithmarie): awesome Gentle!
[08:49]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): thanks Gentle
[08:49]  DyVerse Steele (dyverse): use your resources its a great tool
[08:49]  Zinnia Zauber: This is very important to share and to be shared
with others who might want to use SL.
[08:49]  Pathfinder Lester: thanks Gentle. nice work
[08:50]  Zotarah Shepherd: Thank you Gentle
[08:50]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Is this the final instllment of this
series of introductions to 3rd party viewers?
[08:50]  bulaklak: Thank you!
[08:50]  Zinnia Zauber: For now, yes.
[08:50]  Hour Destiny: What is the name of the modified viewer?
[08:50]  Zinnia Zauber: Thank you!
[08:51]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Let me thank the Mentors for running
with this idea that I suggested a couple of months ago
[08:51]  Red (talkwithmarie): yay Mentors!
[08:51]  Gentle Heron: Hour, we honestly haven't named it.
[08:51]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Gentle was initially nervous about
speaking about this, but has been doing a great job.
[08:51]  Gentle Heron: We thought calling it the "Family Viewer" might be
going too far.
[08:51]  DJ Earnshaw: lol
[08:51]  Pathfinder Lester: ha!
[08:51]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): We should combine all of these talks
into one blog post
[08:51]  Anya Ibor: :O
[08:51]  Hour Destiny: *snicker* Yeah, that might be misconstrued
[08:52]  Zinnia Zauber: The Mentors would like your input on an upcoming
[08:52]  Zinnia Zauber: So, I have a little homework.
[08:52]  Dancers Yao: wonderful Gentle....
[08:52]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): yeah if anyone has ideas of what they
would like the mentors to talk about, basic subjects that you could use
help with, please suggest them to Zinnia
[08:52]  Zinnia Zauber: We would like to find out how you explain virtual
worlds to people and encourage them to join us.
[08:53]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): or come to the Mentors meeting after
this one at about 9:50
[08:53]  Zinnia Zauber: Please join in on the discussion, your insight
helps us all.
[08:53]  Zinnia Zauber: Thank you!
[08:53]  Hour Destiny: Why not have our own VW/grid for nonprofits and


[08:53]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Okay Anya can you come on down?
[08:53]  Anya Ibor: sure
[08:53]  Gentle Heron: YAY Anya!!!!!
[08:54]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Everyone please welcome Anya of
Fearless Nation to the NPC
[08:54]  Red (talkwithmarie): woot!woot! Anya!
[08:54]  Francisco Koolhoven: /me claps
[08:54]  Anya Ibor: Hello Everyone--and thank you for having me here today!
[08:54]  Zotarah Shepherd: Welcome Anya
[08:54]  Zinnia Zauber: Rah Anya!
[08:54]  Anya Ibor: smiles...I'm not nervous at all! LOL
[08:54]  Jen (jenelle.levenque): ********APPPLLLAAAUUUSSSEEE********
[08:54]  Red (talkwithmarie): hehe
[08:55]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): okay for those that don't know, can you
give the elevator pitch about Fearless Nation ?
[08:55]  Anya Ibor: Sure.
[08:56]  Anya Ibor: Fearless Nation PTSD Support is a 501c3 NPO dedicated
to providing FREE education and support--including consumer help--about
post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
[08:56]  Anya Ibor: We also advocate for raising awareness and banishing
the stigma associated with PTSD.
[08:57]  Anya Ibor: We use virtual technology as part of our education and
support program, aiding recovery thru the use of science-based virtual
[08:58]  Anya Ibor: We were in SL for 3.5 years. Then I pulled Fearless
Nation out of SL.
[08:58]  Anya Ibor: We have moved to a new Grid, and here is why: 1)
Cost-Effective, 2) Looks/Feels Just like SL, 3) Child Safe, 4) Easy-To-Use
Viewers, 5) Free uploads, group creation, and listings (Premium Accts), and
6) Low-To-No Lag.
[08:59]  Anya Ibor: SpotOn3D is our new home now. I am rebuilding the sims
[08:59]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): SpotOn3D was here last week at the NPC
[08:59]  Anya Ibor: We have 4-5 weekly meetings that address PTSD,
stress-reduction and addiction recovery.
[08:59]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): you can see the transcxript of their
talk here :
[09:00]  alebez: and a recap of their visit in the TechSoup forums here:
[09:00]  Second Life: Nany (nany.kayo) is online.
[09:00]  Anya Ibor: So. There's the basics of Fearless Nation. Thank you
Rik :-)
[09:00]  Anya Ibor: Excellent!
[09:01]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): It must have been a hard decision to
leave SL and start again on a new platform.
[09:01]  CarynTopia Silvercloud: are returning vets taking advantage of
your services?
[09:01]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): How did you go about finding a new home?
[09:01]  Anya Ibor: Rik: SL's switch to hard-to-use viewers and the
conditions here made the decision to move easy.
[09:02]  Anya Ibor: Caryn: Yes and No. We are trying to get them into SO3D.
[09:03]  Anastasios Aurotharius: what are their misgivings?
[09:03]  Anya Ibor: Rik: SO3D was suggested to me by a friend, the COO Tess
Harrington and the staff at SO made FN feel very welcome. It really feels
like a home. No more nonsense like in SL.
[09:04]  Gentle Heron: Question: How long does it take to rebuild a
community, Anya, once you move it to another venue? You had quite a
thriving community here.
[09:04]  Anya Ibor: The Vets? Well I know in SL I had trouble holding their
attention because 1) They were too distrated with playing -- Avoidance is a
major feature of PTSD, and 2) The viewers became too difficult for Vets on
heavy medication and with TBI
[09:05]  Anya Ibor: Gentle--It has taken a bit more time than I
anticipated, but the Holidays and our yearly event in November held it up
mostly. We are hitting our stride now :-)
[09:05]  Anya Ibor: Especially with our weekly meetings
[09:06]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): So participants in your support groups
on Spoton3d are locked to your island? Is it a separate grid?
[09:06]  Anya Ibor: Meeting Info can be found here:
[09:06]  Anya Ibor: Oh no, however, we have our environments on a Mature
[09:07]  CarynTopia Silvercloud: I will pass this on to some vets I know
who might be interested in checking it out
[09:07]  Anya Ibor: The meeting occure on the Open Public FN sim--the
Library is there too.
[09:07]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): ah ok
[09:07]  Anya Ibor: To access a Mature sim in SO3D, you must have payment
on account. That reduces griefing and bad behavior.
[09:07]  Ethelred Weatherwax: Sounds like something all of us should look
[09:08]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Can you give people a sense of what it
might cost them to bring their nonprofit programs and activities to
[09:08]  Anya Ibor: Also--NO Child Avatars. They were VERY upsetting for us
in SL...
[09:08]  Jen (jenelle.levenque): Premium account is 2.99/mo
[09:08]  Anya Ibor: We are on the Educational Grid of SO--so more serious
work can occur--no furries, no child avies,more real purpose
[09:09]  Anya Ibor: Cost is great there--$67 for a full prim sim per month
[09:09]  Anya Ibor: Premium Acc'ts to own land are only $2.99 a month.
[09:10]  Hour Destiny: And the support *has* to be way better. You even get
[09:10]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): hour: ouch!
[09:11]  Anya Ibor: Oh yes! The staff is wonderful--they will TP right to
you, we chat in voice on Skype--I have rarely felt so supported and welcome
in any world! It is a fantastic opportunity for Fearless Nation!
[09:11]  Dancers Yao: did you keep anything here on SL?
[09:11]  Anya Ibor: And one can enter through Facebook...that's a nice
feature--the viewer is VERY simple and easy to use. :-)
[09:12]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): On a more general note, can you explain
what makes your virtual support groups different from other forms of
support that PTSD sufferers might get?
[09:12]  Anya Ibor: I share a space with a dear friend--I come here now as
an individual to keep up with mesh development, art and music. Our Art Sims
at our Nov event were amazing! I love the art here.
[09:13]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): I.e. in-person, one-on-one therapy,
web-based support ,etc?
[09:13]  Anya Ibor: There's a wonderful video by PookyMedia of the art
event: http://youtu.be/1AsvouDKlpo
[09:13]  Second Life: Mariagra Lamplight is online.
[09:14]  Anya Ibor: Um, we are legally--no one is--allowed to provide
psychiatric "therapy" online.
[09:14]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): there are definitely therapists who
meet with clients in SL
[09:14]  Anya Ibor: It breaks the Ethics and Code of Conduct by the APA/APA
[09:14]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): we've had some of them speak here
[09:15]  Anya Ibor: Well, we provide peer-led support, education and
[09:15]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): nice
[09:15]  Anya Ibor: That is what is legal. If a member successfully commits
suicide--the family can sue the Grid, me, the NPO
[09:16]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): oh m
[09:16]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): oh my
[09:16]  Anya Ibor: If the individual finds our mentoring and groups and
environments "therapeutic" then it is in the eye of the beholder. We are
not legally liable.
[09:17]  Anya Ibor: The APA and APA are quite clear about Rules of Conduct
and Ethics concerning online, non-RL therapy.
[09:17]  Anya Ibor: We have a legal disclaimer and a lawyer on staff RL
[09:17]  Gentle Heron: /me can relate to that, as a fellow peer supporter,
[09:17]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Are your activities similar to a RL
support group? Or do you do things that are more virtual, like avatar
customizing, play, building, etc?
[09:18]  Anya Ibor: We do not give behavioral advise, advice on meds and
anyone who is suicidal is advised to log off and contact emergency numbers.
[09:18]  Second Life: Zinnia Zauber is offline.
[09:19]  Second Life: bulaklak is online.
[09:19]  Anya Ibor: YEs--Our support groups--and please every one please
feel free to stop by--encourage interaction, creativity--we wil be having
workshops and one creator will give skills-building classes.
[09:20]  Anya Ibor: Oh--and we do NOT have immersive envirionments that
recreate Iraq or "re-traumatize" people--those were developed for phobias.
Phobias and trauma are two distinctly different conditions.
[09:21]  Coughran Mayo: Peer Support, or "coaching" is one thing, but I
would want to voice concerns about doing any counseling on any VW platform
in which the client's personal identifying information is held by the host,
and the counseling interaction (voice or text) becomes part of the host's
global database. Confidentiality issues should be taken into consideration
for client protection (HIPPA, etc.)
[09:21]  Second Life: moo Money is offline.
[09:21]  Anya Ibor: We kept getting mixed up with T2 - that Gov't site,
whose creators based their content on FN's sims...that was another SL
problem: IP infringement.
[09:22]  Anya Ibor: Coughran: That's why we do not do "therapy" :-)
[09:22]  Anya Ibor: We may consider it with our own servers someday--and
only with APA/APA and legal blessings.
[09:22]  Dancers Yao: a good source for online therapy issues and APA
ethics questions is www.telementalhealth.com
[09:23]  Anya Ibor: Did I answer everyone's questions properly? :-)
[09:23]  Coughran Mayo: Also The Online Therapy Institute, whose principals
are SL participants
[09:23]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Yes this has been great!
[09:23]  Red (talkwithmarie): thx Anya:) lot of great info!
[09:24]  Anya Ibor: I do hope you'll visit us in SO3D..it's really a very
community-minded and nice place.
[09:24]  Gentle Heron: /me would suggest the Online Therapy Institute as
potential future NPC guests (hint hint Rik!)
[09:24]  Sarvana Haalan: Sally S. Cherry, MT(ASCP), Baltimore, MD,
[09:24]  Ixmal Supermarine: Thank you Anya!
[09:24]  Pathfinder Lester: Thanks Anya. sounds like you're doing great
work. well done!
[09:24]  Francisco Koolhoven: Thanks Anya, great info
[09:24]  Anya Ibor: If any of you have questions please drop me a notecard
-- Thank you so much and have a lovely weekend All! :-)
[09:24]  Gentle Heron: Thanks Anya for all you do.
[09:24]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): it sounds super challenging and
inspiring what you are doing
[09:24]  Coughran Mayo: Contact DeeAnna Madfes inworld for OTI
[09:24]  Sarvana Haalan: Awesome Anya
[09:24]  Anya Ibor: Thank you Gentle :-))) Everyone...
[09:25]  Jen (jenelle.levenque): I've been spending some time in SO3D
[09:25]  Jen (jenelle.levenque): The help has been fantastic
[09:25]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): and a powerful use of virtual worlds to
provide real world help
[09:25]  Jen (jenelle.levenque): No ticket, just an IM to the help group
and within minutes they were restarting a sim
[09:25]  Anya Ibor: I love it there--feel much safer and watched over by
the rid--SO3D saved Fearless Nation :-)
[09:26]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Lets thank Anya for sharing her work
and her experiences as a nonprofit with us
[09:26]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Definitely a lot to think about .
[09:26]  bulaklak: Thanks, Anya!
[09:26]  Red (talkwithmarie): applause!!
[09:27]  Anya Ibor: That's right. I've never felt so good in the Virtual. I
encourage everyone to give it a try--it's not about leaving SL like I did,
but about trying out a different approach.
[09:27]  Jen (jenelle.levenque): I think that we will always need a
presence here to help direct traffic
[09:27]  Anya Ibor: Again TY Everyone...and Hurrah for everything the NPC
and TecSoup does! Bravo!
[09:27]  Glitteractica Cookie: Thanks Anya!
[09:28]  bulaklak: That's great advice across the board, Anya. New
perspectives are healthy!
[09:28]  Sarvana Haalan: TechSoup rocks!
[09:28]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): It's alwas to good for nonprofits to
know their options and what new technologies are out there to deliver their
services to their stakehodlers
[09:28]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Whether its virtual tools, social media
tools, webinars, whatver
[09:28]  Anya Ibor: nods :-)
[09:28]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): That's what TechSoup is all about.
[09:28]  Sarvana Haalan: so many nonprofits are not aware of the great
resources offered via TechSoup. :-(
[09:29]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Helping nonprofits make the most
effective technology decisions to do what they do better


[09:29]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): So let's transition to our last agenda
item: open mic announcements.
[09:29]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Firstly here's all the ways to find the
NPC on the internet....
[09:29]  Hour Destiny: And some think TechSoup is too good to be true. :)
Took a lot to convince a local nonprofit to sign up.
[09:29]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Here are the many ways to can get
involved with the Nonprofit Commons in Second Life:

  Nonprofit Commons blog: http://nonprofitcommons.org
  Twitter: http://twitter.com/npsl
  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nonprofitcommons

  Google Group: http://groups.google.com/group/TechSoup-Second-Life
  Google Calendar: http://bit.ly/2tMEYh
  Wiki: http://npsl.wikispaces.com

  About TechSoup:

  Weekly Networking Event: Wharf Ratz, Aloft, Tuesdays, 7-9pm SLT


  Monthly Networking Event (3rd Thursday):
  Common Ground, Plush, 5PM-7PM SLT

[09:30]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Please follow us in whatever ways you
feel comfortable.
[09:30]  Glitteractica Cookie: Thanks all of you for your kind words about
techsoup. We may hit you all up for some testimonials. Also, don't forget
to enter in the TSDIGS challenge and win great prizes!
[09:30]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): So who has an announcement? Put your
apendage up, please and I will call on you.
[09:30]  Gentle Heron: /me has three events this weekend to announce.
[09:31]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): (Gentle is the hardest working avatar
in the metaverse!)
[09:31]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): anyone else?
[09:31]  Panny Bakerly: indeed
[09:31]  Gentle Heron: no, but my community is busy!
[09:31]  Sarvana Haalan: me
[09:31]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Go ahead Gentle, and the Sarvana
[09:32]  Gentle Heron: Once again Virtual Ability has a busy weekend coming
up of public events:

 Research Pavilion, Healthinfo Island
[09:32]  Second Life: Charles2 McCaw is offline.
[09:32]  Gentle Heron: RTI International will be recruiting survey
participants from the US who have or had any of the following conditions
(diabetes, cancer, HIV, chronic pain) to take a short survey and earn a
thousand Linden dollars. RTI will explain the survey and privacy procedures
today, or contact the coordinator directly: k/mecunning (Katherine
[09:32]  Gentle Heron: Please participate if you qualify. Ask for a
notecard to pass to your friends!
[09:32]  Gentle Heron: TODAY 4pm PST/SLT A topic we'd all rather not think
about, but need to know about.
 Waiting for the World to Wake Up to Trauma's Toll
 Sojourner Auditorium, Virtual Ability island
[09:32]  Gentle Heron: This talk is going to frame many of the problems of
the world today in the context of the outcomes of early trauma and abuse.
Through this lens the idea of Sanctuary and Trauma-informed Care become the
only way to move to the future.
[09:33]  Gentle Heron: PRESENTER BIO: DrFran Babcock is the avatar of a
long time Occupational Therapist and administrator in a psychiatric
hospital. She has 30 years of experience in Behavioral Health, and is an
advocate for the needs of the mentally ill.
[09:33]  Gentle Heron: TOMORROW Feb 4, 5:30 pm
 Human Factors and Universal Design: Light, dark, sound, and noise
 Presenter: Julie (Lolli) Bluebird
 Sojourner Auditorium, Virtual Ability island
[09:33]  Gentle Heron: Introduction to the effects of light, dark, sound
and noise in our home environments; the pros and cons and what we can do to
help ourselves.

 PRESENTER BIO: Julie Bluebird is from the UK and has a background in
[09:33]  Gentle Heron: These are two more in Virtual Ability's distributed
conference series "Waiting for the World to Change."
[09:33]  Gentle Heron: (done)
[09:33]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): whew!
[09:34]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Go ahead Sarvana
[09:34]  Sarvana Haalan: Capacity Building through Virtual Worlds, March
15, Baltimore, MD . For local nonprofits especially faith-based orgs. We
will be coming in-world for a mixed reality presentation.
[09:34]  Sarvana Haalan: On my way to Ohio University.... hope to share NPC
info with contacts there
[09:35]  Sarvana Haalan: another local npo has joined TechSoup... wooot
[09:35]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): thanks Sarvana
[09:36]  Sarvana Haalan: Much appreciated to everyone's support ad help
[09:36]  Sarvana Haalan: You guys rock indeed!!
[09:36]  Sarvana Haalan: that's it for me... and I am out of here..
[09:36]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): awesome
[09:36]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Any other announcements?
[09:37]  Brena Benoir: Mentors Meeting Right after a short break
[09:37]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): Check the blog nonprofitcommons.org for
the chatlog from this session and other news
[09:38]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): thanks everyone for coming this morning
[09:38]  Pathfinder Lester: thanks for organizing!
[09:38]  Pathfinder Lester: take care folks. have a good weekend.
[09:38]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): If there's speakers or topics that
you'd like us to feature in teh future, contact us at
nonprofitcommons at techsoup.org
[09:38]  Rik Panganiban (rik.riel): have a great Friday everyone!
[09:39]  Glitteractica Cookie: bye!
[09:39]  Brena Benoir: Mentors Meeting in 5 minutes
[09:39]  alebez: have a great weekend everyone!
[09:39]  Namaara MacMoragh: :-)
[09:40]  Glitteractica Cookie: bye all
[09:41]  Chayenn: bye have a nice week end

*Rik Panganiban* | SL Avatar: Rik Riel <https://my.secondlife.com/rik.riel>
rik at techsoup.org
Community Manager, Nonprofit Commons <http://nonprofitcommons.org>
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