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Thanks, Evonne. See my slight changes to include our Twitter tag and
npsl tags as appropriate.







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Thank you for helping us spread the word about tomorrow's event!  Here's
text you can use around the web, feel free to cut and paste:



Mobile health panels @NPSL Health Expo live from NetSquared in San Jose
and at the NPC: www.nonprofitcommons.org Streaming live at 11:15AM


Today at the Nonprofit Commons: @NPSL hosts the Health Expo from 8AM -
5PM with speakers on cancer treatment, nutrition, screening and mobile
health challenges. Join us at 11:15 for a special live mixed reality
session from San Jose where organizations live at the NetSquared event
will share their insights on mobile health technology applications at
the new Health Commons.

WELCOME MESSAGES (on site, inworld):

Welcome to the Nonprofit Commons and NPSL Health Expo! We will be
hosting live and inworld panels throughout the day here at the new
Nonprofit Health Commons and you can visit www.nonprofitcommons.org for
more information on our community. Panels and presentations will run
from 8AM - 5PM on Wednesday May 27th and we ask that you please tag any
blogs, photos or videos with #npslexpo to help us collect your thoughts.
Please feel free to ask questions at the Q&A at the end of each panel

I have forwarded the SLURLS and landmarks to all of you and please feel
free to include relevant info or tweak these messages as needed to suit
your audience. Best wishes tomorrow!

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