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My background is in International eCommerce, holding an MSIT and working on
global projects as part of international consortiums. When I came to Second
Life at the prodding of a colleague, it was with a mind for research, as I
am a doctorate student in educational leadership and innovation, and the use
of virtual worlds is helpful where identity, diversity and inclusion issues
are concerned. A funny thing happened on my way to research - I became
totally immersed in Second Life, both as a business model and a social
experiment. I found that all those fantasies I had about "what I wanted to
be when I grow up" could actually be realized in Second Life (as we all
know). I began building...going to live music shows (which back then were
very crude compared to today), and seeing all that was possible in virtual
worlds - I was hooked. Thankfully, my real life employment included virtual
worlds, giving me a legitimate excuse to be in Second Life.

One of the early visions of the House of Flames was to be able to cross over
from virtual worlds to real life. With this in mind, we became a legal
entity (under ByteSight, Inc.) and had a focus on branding and presence
right from the start. Within Second Life we have a strong brand and even
more than that, we are known as an organization that demands excellence in
everything we do. We have as close to a real-world business model as any
performance venue in Second Life. This is due largely to the musical
backgrounds and tech industry experience of the key partners. We have always
had multiple partners, each a subject-matter expert in their area. Schuyler
Kent has been in Second Life since 2005; that makes him older than 90% of
the people in-World :). We have been partners in the House of Flames since
the very first day. We have regular board meetings and have a clear plan for
growth, which includes partnering with builders, managers, and consultants
in bringing events to corporations and private sim owners that will enhance
the names and reputations of all involved.

Our biggest projects to date have been the House of Flames island complex,
with the multimedia pier (for video) and also the Grand Ballroom, which is a
cross-sim venue. We have also been the creators of BONFIRE 2007, which was a
24 hour live music festival on the SL campus of Colorado Technical
University. We love large, memorable events and can provide VIP invitations
for press and others, video of the event, and special stage and lighting
effects. The more unusual the request, the more creative our results!

Flameheart Sol
House of Flames Island Complex
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