[MUSICDEV] MIDI Synchronization with Audio Stream

Alan Fraser alansfraser at cox.net
Fri Aug 31 16:17:24 PDT 2007

It would make a radical difference to music in Second Life if it were  
possible to send a synchronous MIDI I/O stream to the sim in parallel  
with the audio stream.  The application of the MIDI stream would not  
necessarily be musical but would rather be open to imagination of the  
musician in the same way as MIDI streams are sometimes used to  
control stage lights and other such non-musical devices.  Consider  
the potential if the MIDI stream could be read by a script that is  
running on the SL side to receive the MIDI.  It could use, for  
example, a C1 note-on event to process, in complete synchronization  
with the music, whatever it's little heart desired.  The applications  
of this are limitless and I think it's pretty safe to say that it  
would open vistas in music that have never before been possible.

The biggest reason I request this is that my performance is anywhere  
from thirty seconds or more ahead of Second Life in real-time so  
there is no possible way that I can synchronize anything in-world  
with what I am doing.  At a minimum, I would like to be able to  
synchronize stage lights on a beat but there is so, so much more that  
could be done.

Alan Fraser
My Duck Soup is at http://myducksoup.com/

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