[SLHEALTH] Recruiting in SL but also RL.

Hoch, Daniel Brian,M.D. DHOCH at PARTNERS.ORG
Thu Jul 31 13:09:43 PDT 2008

Hi fellow SL Healthcare list subscribers, 

My colleagues and are recruiting for a study of teaching to elicit the
relaxation response using SL as a medium. Subjects take part in the training
session in SL from any place that they are comfortable. The real world model for
this training is face to face, at the Benson Henry Institute for Mind Body
Medicine (see http://www.mbmi.org/home/). In order to get informed consent, and
to fill out the perceived stress survey and other instruments that the BHI has
used in the past, we opted to get subject to come in for a face to face
encounter at the beginning of the 8 week course, and at the end. I'm writing to
the  list with several questions in mind, 

1) has anyone had experience with getting informed consent using second life as
the actual medium, without face to face time and have your local Review
boards/ethics boards signed off on this? . 
2) Do you have any experience with validating surveys for use in SL, and can you
point me to any published literature in this regard? 
3) If  by chance you live near to Boston, are you interested in taking part as a
subject in our study? Here's the recruitment statement we've been sending
around. (comments on the effectiveness of the wording  would also be

We are recruiting healthy people and their Second Life avatars to take part in a
research study. The study involves teaching the Relaxation Response within
Second Life. The Relaxation Response is a form of stress reduction therapy.
The ten week study comprises 8 training sessions in Second Life, each lasting 60
to 90 minutes. All participants will receive a Razer Piranha headset to be used
the study and kept after the study ends. Additionally, study participants will
given $25 toward travel expenses to the Massachusetts General Hospital. The
study does not involve any medication or blood draws.
If you are interested in participating:
RRSLStudy at partners.org
AM Halton Alsop

Daniel Hoch, Ph.D., M.D.
MGH/Harvard Medical School
VBK 830
Massachusetts General Hospital
Fruit St
Boston, MA  02114

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