[SLHEALTH] REMINDER: Healthcare Educators Meeting Friday July 25

Brenda Matzke bmatzke at georgiasouthern.edu
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I missed the Friday meeting and would like to join the group.  I'm iworking with a group nterested in virtual patients, health care, and research.  When is the next meeting?

Brenda Matzke 

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>>> "Patricia F Anderson" <patriciafanderson at gmail.com> 07/24/08 11:30 PM >>>
Hi, everyone,

PLease excuse a quick reminded of tomorrow's organizational meeting for the
Healthcare Educators group in Second Life.

11AM SLT / 2pm EDT

Some folk contacted me via email about this, just as I was switching email
systems, and I don't have access to the messages. My apologies! Please feel
free to join the group in Second Life.

If you don't know how to join a SL group, the easy way would be this.

1. Using the Search button in the SL browser, click on the tab for GROUPS.
Search for "Healthcare Education" and click the "Join" button.


2. Using the Search button in the SL browser, click on the tab for PEOPLE.
Search for me (Perplexity Peccable) and browse my profile groups. Double
click on the group you want to get information about it and/or join it.

See you tomorrow!

 - Patricia / Lexi

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> This morning I was part of teaching a session introducing Second Life to
> the International Association for Dental Researchers, promoting SL for both
> research, education, and healthcare. We had some really interesting
> conversations going on in the room.
> Afterwards, I was talking with DrDoug Pennell. I was looking for a group
> for these new healthcare educators and researchers to get the kind of
> support, community, collaboration, discussion, resources and peer education
> that I have observed in groups like ISTE, Science Center, Science Friday,
> Nanotechnology Island, Metanomics, etcetera. Neither DrDoug nor I could
> think of a group that does this for health teachers, although many groups
> are doing this for various health care consumer communities.
> We thought we'd give it a try, create a group, and see if anyone else is
> interested. The general idea is to try to have an initial discussion with
> interested parties, see who shows up, and what folks think would be most
> helpful.
> GROUP: Healthcare Education
> Initial discussion:
> DATE: July 25, 2008 (Friday)
> TIME: 11am SLT / 2pm EDT
> LOCATION: OSU Medicine
> Hope to see some of you there!
>  - Patricia Anderson (RL), patriciafanderson at gmail.com
>  - Perplexity "Lexi" Peccable (SL)
> --
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