[SLHEALTH] REMINDER: Healthcare Educators Meeting Friday July 25

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Thu Jul 24 21:01:11 PDT 2008

Hello Patricia,

Is the group Opened for enrollment or is it closed? I checked recently 
and it seems closed for enrollments......
I also have a question, is this for Doctors only or opened to anyone 
interested in the subject?

Gusher Castaignede

Patricia F Anderson wrote:
> Hi, everyone,
> PLease excuse a quick reminded of tomorrow's organizational meeting 
> for the Healthcare Educators group in Second Life. 
> 11AM SLT / 2pm EDT
> http://slurl.com/secondlife/OSU%20Medicine/144/197/24 
> Some folk contacted me via email about this, just as I was switching 
> email systems, and I don't have access to the messages. My apologies! 
> Please feel free to join the group in Second Life. 
> If you don't know how to join a SL group, the easy way would be this.
> 1. Using the Search button in the SL browser, click on the tab for 
> GROUPS. Search for "Healthcare Education" and click the "Join" button.
> OR
> 2. Using the Search button in the SL browser, click on the tab for 
> PEOPLE. Search for me (Perplexity Peccable) and browse my profile 
> groups. Double click on the group you want to get information about it 
> and/or join it.
> See you tomorrow!
>  - Patricia / Lexi
>>     Please excuse duplication. This message is being sent to
>>     SLED, SLHealth, and SLRL.
>>     This morning I was part of teaching a session introducing Second
>>     Life to the International Association for Dental Researchers,
>>     promoting SL for both research, education, and healthcare. We had
>>     some really interesting conversations going on in the room.
>>     Afterwards, I was talking with DrDoug Pennell. I was looking for
>>     a group for these new healthcare educators and researchers to get
>>     the kind of support, community, collaboration, discussion,
>>     resources and peer education that I have observed in groups like
>>     ISTE, Science Center, Science Friday, Nanotechnology Island,
>>     Metanomics, etcetera. Neither DrDoug nor I could think of a group
>>     that does this for health teachers, although many groups are
>>     doing this for various health care consumer communities. 
>>     We thought we'd give it a try, create a group, and see if anyone
>>     else is interested. The general idea is to try to have an initial
>>     discussion with interested parties, see who shows up, and what
>>     folks think would be most helpful.
>>     GROUP: Healthcare Education
>>     Initial discussion:
>>     DATE: July 25, 2008 (Friday)
>>     TIME: 11am SLT / 2pm EDT
>>     LOCATION: OSU Medicine
>>     Hope to see some of you there!
>>      - Patricia Anderson (RL), patriciafanderson at gmail.com
>>     <mailto:patriciafanderson at gmail.com>
>>      - Perplexity "Lexi" Peccable (SL)
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