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John Jamison jjamison at imagilearning.com
Tue Dec 9 16:49:13 PST 2008

Hello everyone,

As we wrap up the final weeks of the Fall 2008 SLemester, I wanted to pass
along one last announcement for the Spring 2009 edition. This is not just a
class, or a workshop, but a 4 month long learning community designed to have
the participants work together to support and realize their Second Life
ideas and projects.

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Thanks for your time,


 *Spend the SLemester (R) with imagiLEARNING!*

* *

imagiLEARNING, Inc. is happy to announce open registration for the Spring
2009  *SLemester *(R) immersive learning experience in Second Life.
The *SLemester
(R)* is a four month professional development experience that includes:

   - Participation in weekly discussion sessions, including some of the most
   creative and successful Second Life community members.
   - Access to tutorials, learning modules and resources about Second Life.
   - Interaction with the community of learners taking part in the *SLemester
   - A growing collection of resources in and out of Second Life, including
   the holodeck, artificial intelligence bots, media screens and more.
   - Personal consultation throughout the 4 months, with a 3 year citizen of
   Second Life with a PhD in orientation to virtual worlds.
   - A plot of land on the imagiLEARNING Island Chain for the duration of
   the *SLemester (R).*

Learning the basic skills of Second Life is only one of the challenges
facing individuals interested in exploring the use of virtual worlds for
learning and business. If they hope to create the most meaningful
environments and experiences, newcomers must also develop an understanding
of the culture represented by the virtual world and its impact on business,
learner and educator alike. The activities of the *SLemester (R)* are designed
to do just that. Major topics explored during the 4 months include:

   - *The Foundations of the Digital Culture*: Exploration of the flattening
   globe, ubiquitous communication and access to information, brain research
   and neuroplasticity, games and game-based learning, business and
   instructional alignment, and other topics that define the experience of the
   digital culture.
   - *The Basics of Second Life*: Exploration of those things like movement,
   communication, inventory and the economy.
   - *The Tools of Second Life*: Exploration of building and scripting.
   - *The Resources of Second Life*: Looking at the use and creation of
   media, interactivity with the web and other sources.
   - *The Role of Second Life*: Serious consideration of how Second Life
   might fit into the learning experience; considering both the strengths and
   weaknesses of today's virtual worlds.
   - *The Experience of Second Life*: The personal side…a serious reflection
   on why we like it…why we don't…why it hooks the emotions…and how all of that
   can help us use it to create meaningful learning.
   - *The Selling of Second Life*: For those who want to move further, an
   intentional approach to introducing virtual worlds to traditional leaders
   and administrators to gain their support for using Second Life in the

*Just what is the SLemester?*

Beginning in January and ending in April, *SLemester (R)* participants will
have their own land space in Second Life on which they can create, learn and
teach as they wish. They can have as much time to themselves as they want,
or join with other participants to share ideas and learn from each other.
They will have access to a collection of tools, tutorials, media streams and
more. And each participant will have ongoing opportunity for individualized
time and interaction with Virtual Bacon, 3+ year citizen of Second Life, 25
year veteran of faculty and business development, and who has a PhD in
Education focusing on the experience of orienting newcomers to Second Life
and the virtual worlds.

In addition to Second Life, during the *SLemester (R)*, participants will
receive and use a wide variety of tools such as blogs, holodecks, artificial
intelligence bots, wiki's, RSS feeds, Podcasts and more. More importantly,
rather than simply learning *about* things like digital media, participants
will learn to create and stream their own podcasts and other digital
resources into Second Life.

The *SLemester (R)* is open to individuals with or without prior Second Life
experience. To provide the highest level of support, leading to a high
quality learning experience, registrations will be limited to 12
participants during each term. Registration will remain open until the
session begins in January, or all places are filled.

The imagiLEARNING *SLemester*, Spring 2009

$275 per participant

Email: jjamison at imagilearning.com

In SL contact: Virtual Bacon

John Jamison, PhD.
jjamison at imagilearning.com
Skype: virtualbacon
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jjamison

Second Life
"Virtual Bacon"

"Do not confine your children to your own learning.
For they were born in another time."
                             - Hebrew Proverb
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