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Hi Douglas.
Although not as formalized, we have also established a similar group, known as MuniGov2.0, that uses Second Life as a venue for weekly meetings of local, state and federal govt agencies exploring the use of virtual worlds (and all 2.0 tools) to improve service and constituent communication.  I'd like to request if possible that our organization have some sort of observation role that might help guide our own similar path in the virtual world.  Please let me know if you think this may be a possibility.  Thank you for your consideration.
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On 29 May 2009, representatives of US Military estate stakeholders (The US Military Lands: MiLands) in Second Life met at Coalition Island to formally adopt a charter establishing a guidance board.  This board, otherwise known as the MiLands Senate, was established to foster collaboration efforts and provide for the guidance of other military organizations and institutions who wish to enter Second Life.  The adopted charter, voted unanimously, is as follows: 

The Second LifeTM US Military Coalition Charter 

Since inception, the United States Military has been a leader in the study of the technique and sciences which constitute modern warfare. We, the people of the United States of America, representatives of the various branches of the United States military, and civil servants of our beloved country, have come together in the spirit of cooperation to form the virtual continent of MiLands.

The US Military Coalition of MiLands 
The MiLands are a conjoined chain of islands in the virtual world of Second LifeTM. The MiLands are dedicated to the exhibition and practice of the military sciences, promoting innovation among its members and collaborators, as well as peaceful outreach to all citizens, real and virtual. 

We come together based on common interest to explore and learn about virtual world capabilities and how they can improve our ability to perform scientific experimentation, collaborate, training & educate, establish virtual communities, improve research and development activities, and demonstration of the "art of the possible".

The purpose of the MiLands Senate is to be a guidance committee and provide points of contact for future military entities wishing to enter Second Life in an organized manner. 

The purpose of the MiLands Charter is to establish boundaries and participation rules.

The US Military Coalition of MiLands Senate 


United States Department of Defense organizations and institutions with at least one island in the MiLands may select one avatar-delegate to represent it on the MiLands Senate. Organizationally, each institution must be a distinct entity and each avatar-delegate must currently be in the military service, civil service, or designated contractor. 

Owners of privately funded and operated islands may not be instated as avatar-delegates to the Senate. 

Owners of non-United States Military institutions may not be instated as avatar-delegates to the Senate.

A senator may delegate a temporary proxy for voting purposes if they cannot be present for a meeting. This delegate must be identified and reported to the senate in writing. Contractors may be voting proxy senators only when the Government Senator has indicated in writing permission to perform senatorial duties.


Senators shall meet at least once per month, third Friday at the Coalition Island at 10:00 EST. At this time senators present shall vote and discuss US MiLands business. Only senators present at these meetings shall have their votes counted. The meetings are not open to the public, however Senators may invite guests.


Each avatar-delegate casts one vote, regardless of the number of islands it represents.

Approval must follow a majority vote. 

New Members  

New avatar-delegates must be sponsored by any Senator.

New avatar-delegates must appear before the Senate and be introduced by their sponsoring delegate. 

The new avatar-delegate must introduce their activity and provide proof of current civil service.

Honorary Senators 

Additional "honorary senators" can be nominated and voted on by the Senate. Honorary Senators have no voting rights, but are recognized for their contributions to the Military Lands and may attend scheduled meetings.

New Island Placement within the MiLands Continent 

US Military organizations and institutions wishing to join a new island or group of islands to the MiLands borders will first discuss this action with their sponsoring Senator. The Senator and the representative(s) of the new institution will contact the owner of the islands bordering the desired placement. Per Linden Lab placement rules, the owner of the bordering island must agree to the new neighbor's placement.

Once a satisfactory agreement for placement and representation on behalf of the new entity has been made, the sponsoring Senator will bring the proposal to the Senate for introduction. 

Charter Changes 

After ratification, proposed changes to this charter must be distributed to the Senate two (2) weeks before a vote of approval. A majority vote is required for passing proposed changes.

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