[Eventletdev] 0.9.13 out!

Ryan Williams breath at alum.mit.edu
Fri Oct 22 12:51:06 PDT 2010

It's been too long, hasn't it?  The major new things of interest in this
release are the ZeroMQ support, eventlet.green.MySQLdb, and greenthread
affinity in tpool.  Please try out all three of these new features and
file issues if you find bugs!

How get it:
* easy_install eventlet
* pip install eventlet
* hg clone http://bitbucket.org/which_linden/eventlet/

To file issues/bugs:

* ZeroMQ hub, and eventlet.green.zmq make supersockets green.  Thanks
to Ben Ford!  Check out the examples zmq_chat.py and
* eventlet.green.MySQLdb added.  It's an interface to MySQLdb that uses
tpool to make it appear nonblocking
* Greenthread affinity in tpool.  Each greenthread is assigned to the
same thread when using tpool, making it easier to work with
non-thread-safe libraries.
* Eventlet now depends on greenlet 0.3 or later.
* Fixed a hang when using tpool during an import causes another
import.  Thanks to mikepk for tracking that down.
* Improved websocket draft 76 compliance, thanks to Nick V.
* Rare greenthread.kill() bug fixed, which was probably brought about
by a bugfix in greenlet 0.3.
* Easy_installing eventlet should no longer print an ImportError about
* Support for serving up SSL websockets, thanks to chwagssd for
reporting #62
* eventlet.wsgi properly sets 'wsgi.url_scheme' environment variable to
'https', and 'HTTPS' to 'on' if serving over ssl
* Blocking detector uses setitimer on 2.6 or later, allowing for
sub-second block detection, thanks to rtyler.
* Blocking detector is documented now, too
* socket.create_connection properly uses dnspython for nonblocking
dns.  Thanks to rtyler.
* Removed EVENTLET_TPOOL_DNS, nobody liked that.  But if you were using
it, install dnspython instead.  Thanks to pigmej and gholt.
* Removed _main_wrapper from greenthread, thanks to Ambroff adding
keyword arguments to switch() in 0.3!

The md5sum of the tarball is 2273527ca1715bad018090fdd2d480cf.

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