[SLED] Was ’Short Survey on Why People Leave Second Life’ turned into ’Answer About Why I Want My Music Island To Stand Out’ and ‘Why Don’t You Have Danceballs ? ’ … ‘What About Cheltic …’ etc .

Tony Breindal tony at breindal-media.dk
Wed Jan 18 14:25:34 PST 2012

Dear all,

It’s been a joy to 'lurk in the shadows' to this almost epic 'battle' about the soul in music vibrating and seeking to understand versus, 'I want to immerse and get involved'.

You both won!

Yes, of course its right to seek the foundations once established. Yes, of course SL is the very essence of User Generated Media seeking ever more involvement.

I wote for the holding on to the origin.

... feel free to ask for a dance ball; I think I have 'one' to share.

Happy SL’ing :-)


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