[SLED] advice on buying a laptop that can run SL smoothly

Bob Hallawell Bob.Hallawell at nottingham.ac.uk
Wed Jan 18 03:59:23 PST 2012

Hi Tim
I doubt whether a notebook will handle it (others may know differently) but I run SL on my laptop all the time and via a wireless connection. I know that LL do not recommend this but if you have sufficient processing power and a good/recommended graphics card it is possible. I do experience lag sometimes but then so do people on desktops. I guess you have taken a look at the SL system requirements page that provides some advice?
I've not tried to run Camtasia at the same time and as such cannot really advise about that. I guess that becomes a question of processing speed and memory.
Good luck

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The computer I had been using has finally bit the dust. I am hoping that someone with more experience could give me some advice.
I would like to get a more mobile computer such as a laptop or notebook, however I am not sure if they could handle simultaneously the streaming audio and video of Second life and sometimes Camtasia (recording it) at the same time. I think a few years ago they were not up to it. AlsoI am hoping to be able to use Second Life over a wireless connection. Someone with no SL experience told me that there would be no problem but I am doutful that a wireless connection to a laptop could handle that much streaming data smoothly. Could anyone advise on the best option for a laptop, or if I should get another desktop. 
I would appreciate any advice. 
Yousee Starsider aka Tim Allen
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