[SLED] ISTE SL Tour Sunday - February 19, 9-10am SLT

Esme Qunhua esmequnhua at gmail.com
Fri Feb 17 20:02:01 PST 2012

Sunday February 19
9-10am SLT
Wonderland Redux*

Our tour last time was such a hit we are returning this week to Bubbles in
Wonderland. This is a wildly creative and immersive sim that is one woman's
vision of Lewis Carroll's wonderland. While not an "educational" sim, there
is much to learn from the "physical," spatial and interactive experiences
that we will have on this tour. Join us if you are able. Sign up here:

We will have two groups to accommodate those who have not been there
before, and those who started the tour last time and didn't get all the way
through in an hour!!!

Esme Qunhua and Janita Collins have been leading educational tours in
Second Life for over 4 years, every other Sunday.  You can always signup
for tours at http://tinyurl.com/istetour.  Feel free to friend us.

Esme Qunhua/Jane Wilde
Faculty, Marlboro College Grad Center
Marlboro College Graduate School
28 Vernon Street, Suite 120
Brattleboro, VT 05301
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