[SLED] Teaching yoga in a virtual world

Moriz Gupte moriz.gupte at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 10:10:22 PST 2012

Hey there,
I was experimenting with various ways for teaching yoga in SL during the
last holidays. I forgot to share on this list.
In the clip, I tried to focus on one aspect of teaching yoga which cannot
be explained in the real world unless you have a yoga teacher explaining
exactly what he or she is doing doing a vinyasa (posture flow). To narrow
things to a bare minimum, I tried to explain how breathing can be tied to
simple exercises to warm up the body. I used HUDs to visualize breathing,
this visualization is triggered by animations within SL. Am thinking in the
future (if I have time), I could try may be also include other
visualizations for esoteric concepts such as bandhas (ie what kind of
forces can be applied under the navel etc.. etc... what intensity etc...)
all that is very difficult for a teacher to explain. Anyway, you can view
the clip here.

Let me know what you think. There are also other aspects am interested in
e.g. replace avatar by mesh skeleton avatar and there you have a precise
anatomical model of what happens to a skeletal structure during yoga ...
replace mesh skeleton avatar with muscle mesh anatomical ... different
picture. There are plenty of other group teaching stuff that could be
explore ... let me know if you are interested, get in touch.
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