[SLED] What do we lose in Virtual World Education?

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We lose students who are technologically challenged: either they're using old machine that don't connect easily, or they lack the skills (or the confidence to learn them) to use a virtual environment. The VE learning curve is very steep for the newcomer, especially for the newcomer who doesn't particular want to be there.
Students can be frightened of entering a new culture- and SL has its own cultural expectations.
Another loss isn't related to VE themselves, but how people use them. I cringe whenever I see a virtual lecture hall. Most of us know that we can't hold the attention of every student for every class minute in an auditorium. So why recreate this experience in SL, where one doesn't need chairs, sloped floors for visibility, or walls or a roof? Why project PowerPoint? Why not consider presentation styles and environmental conditions, and use those aspects that enhance learning, instead of trying to re-create RL settings? Would any of us really teach in the classrooms we currently teach in, if we had our choice?

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Dear Group, 

I'm wondering if you could help me to answer a question I was recently asked. The question is 'What do we lose in virtual world education?' (i.e. educating through a VW instead of a face-to-face context).

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