[SLED] Your help is desperately needed for PhD study (Mobile device technologies: survey of usage in learning)

Remy Olasoji R.Olasoji at uel.ac.uk
Fri Apr 20 04:44:42 PDT 2012

Dear colleague


(Apologies for cross-posting)


Advancement and developments in Mobile device technologies is expected to
play a major role in learning transformation.  However, usage is still
largely unsupported in learning and several are unconvinced about the
potential benefits.  This survey seeks the opinion of educators, students and
those in role of learning & teaching support and / or governance to determine
the drivers and barriers to the use of mobile device technologies in learning


If you have not received an invitation already, please access the survey by
selecting the relevant link on this page: 
<http://mlearningportal.uelconnect.org.uk/surveys/survey_home.htm> .
Alternatively and if you prefer, please complete one of the attached
documents as relevant and email the completed form back to 
r.olasoji at uel.ac.uk. 


How long will it take? 


The survey will take approximately 20-30 minutes.


What's in it for me? 


By taking part you will be participating in ground breaking research which
could form some basis for future discussions and implementations in mobile
device technologies' usage in learning processes.  You will also be
contributing to ongoing efforts to transform education.  The survey data will
also be published and available for other uses.


The surveys are anonymous and will be used solely for the purpose of research
as part of MPhil / PhD programme at the University of East London, UK.  All
data will be held confidentially.


Please feel free to pass on to colleagues.


(Thank you very much if you have already participated)


Best regards

Remy Olasoji


UELconnect | University of East London | Room C324, University House | Water
Lane | London E15 4LZ. 

T: +44 (0)20 8223 2349. F: +44 (0)20 8223 2824. E: r.olasoji at uel.ac.uk


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