[SLED] Sat Oct 1, 11 am SLT Songs of John Dowland

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*Delia Auer, lute & voice
Songs of John Dowland
Saturday October 1
11 am SLT (Pacific Time)*

What is it about the lute music of John Dowland that makes it the finest of
his generation, right across Europe? Everything - the tunefulness, the range
of forms, the touching harmony and the sheer invention.He said, of himself
(in his Songes of 1597) that "From my childhoode I have euer aymed at... the
ingenuous profession of Musicke".  He influenced a generation and had the
nerve to complain to Elizabeth I (unpolitically) for keeping him playing too
long, perhaps losing himself an appointment as court musician. He's a
fascinating character in the history of music.   Dowland's approximately 100
lute solos that survive employ almost every musical form used in his era,
showing him to be a tireless experimenter.

Join us for an exploration of the Dowland canon for lute & voice with Delia
Auer and learn more about the music and times of John Dowland.

(In order to attend a Second Life live music performance you need an SL free
account and you are advised to assure that your SL viewer preferences are
set up to enable you to hear streaming audio in advance of the concert)

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