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Hi LuAnn
We have two learning simulations on our UI islands: one for Nutrition knowledge and another for Financial Knowledge.  

Nutrition- Intrepid Healthy Lifestyle Hunter

Financial- Prosperity Quest

We do have a ROI sheet on the Financial Knowledge one that compares it to running the same content as a real-life simulation.  Contact me off-list if you want to discuss that info further.  The virtual Financial Knowledge simulation saves money over the real life version AND also offers the opportunity to run the simulation multiple times.  The real life simulation (That's Life) can only be done one time.

Of course both simulations can be accessed at any time as long as the user has a broadband connection regardless of location.  We are hoping that these simulations can be used in rural locations or other underserved areas as well as supporting existing Extension education efforts and be used for secondary school education.

Both simulations have a HUD that collects data as the user moves through each simulation and puts the data into a database.  We have run a few groups of users through both and have some data that we are analyzing.  Both simulations were completed in June 2011, so we haven't had them running long enough to gather large amounts of user data. 

The simulations are also designed so that a group of users could go through together and hopefully have meaningful exchanges (and some peer pressure) as participants are learning and making choices.

Let me know if you need more information.

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On Sep 8, 2011, at 6:06 PM, LuAnn Phillips wrote:

> Help, help help!
> I have a golden opportunity to lead a strategic planning session for potentially increasing our organization’s educational activities in Second Life (and other VWs)   This came rather suddenly—it is next Wednesday! -- and I am looking for some quick help to put together something convincing. I need ideas that will stimulate their creative thinking, but everything must also make financial sense.
> So here is my question: What does success look like? We can point to any number of attractive and engaging builds. I’ve seen some innovative stuff, for sure.  But are there some clear examples of real impact and good ROI? I’m looking for projects that have reached a number of learners and functioned well as immersive learning environments. Can be formal or non-formal, classroom or distance, any subject matter, any age. 
> If you have a suggestion, please point me to the slurl, a blog post, a research paper, a youtube, or whatever you have. Give me a line or two saying why said project exemplifies success.
> And wish me luck!
> -- 
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