[SLED] Thursday at Train for Success: Gamifying Business

Peter Guastella pguastella at gmail.com
Wed Oct 19 14:06:03 PDT 2011

Train for Success is a weekly speaker series that explores the use of 3D
virtual worlds, games, and simulations for learning and collaboration.

*Join host Anders Gronstedt for a discussion with Mario Herger, Head of the
Global Gamification Initiative at SAP**.*

Can business, fun, and games mix? Supporters of Gamification - the process
of making non-gaming activities more fun and engaging through game mechanics
- think they can. Mario Herger will discuss SAP's activities in the
Gamification area and how it is committed to making the daily life of
business users more fun and engaging without losing sight of business goals.

*Date:  Thursday, October 20*

*Time:  9AM SLT/ Noon Eastern*

*Location:  Train for Success (
*Please note that the speaker and host will be using Second Life voice.
Hope you can join us!


Peter Guastella
Train for Success <http://www.facebook.com/TrainForSuccess?ref=ts&sk=wall>
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