[SLED] Does SL Run Alright Under Parallel on a Mac?

Patricia F Anderson pfa at umich.edu
Mon Oct 17 19:00:44 PDT 2011

Hi, folks,

I'm struggling to design a computer request for an emerging
technologies position, and am wondering:

1) Does Second Life run alright under Parallels on a Mac (because it
is NOT running alright on my MacBook Pro)

2) Those of you with fancier setups for your workstations, what has
worked well for you?

 - Patricia / Perplexity ("Lexi")

Patricia Anderson / SL: Perplexity Peccable
pfa at umich.edu OR patriciafanderson at gmail.com
Emerging Technologies Librarian, Health Sciences Libraries
University of Michigan
1135 East Catherine
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
"Google can give you 1,000 answers to your question. A librarian will
give you the right one."

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